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Annika "helping" Kathleen draw Things My Cat Hates
Date of Birth: Circa. 2000
Duties: Cat
First Appearance: Ways to Get in Shape (29 December 2006)
Last Appearance: Loading Time - Efficiency (27 December 2012)
He was the greatest cat.
- Kathleen De Vere on Twitter, of Annika

Annika was one of Kathleen's cats, featuring in several LRR videos alongside Khaavren.

Annika was a very gentle and vocal cat, a feature that would inspire Kathleen's webcomic, Things My Cat Hates. He had a penchant for "people food," notably Cheezies, popcorn and French fries.

Graham mentioned during a Thursday Night Comedy Draft that Annika "was named by a fool" and that's why a male cat had a female name. However, by the time they got him, it was the only name he'd come to, so they left it. Kathleen's father suggested that they change it to "Anakin", an idea to which Kathleen was averse.

Kathleen announced on January 16, 2013 that Annika had passed away at the age of thirteen.

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