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Andrew Cownden
Andrew Cownden
Andrew's About Us Page Picture
Duties: Actor, Writer, Songman
First Appearance: Andy: Esq. (27 February 2004)
Last Appearance: Dice Friends - Candlekeep Mysteries: Shemshime's Bedtime Rhyme (9 June 2021)
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2 (28 November 2008)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2017 (17 November 2017)
Twitter: @AndrewCownden

A multi-talented wunderkind, Andrew Cownden can sing, write, act, dance, mime, and play several instruments including the piano, the harmonica, and the trumpet, among others. Andrew attended Oak Bay High School where he performed in many Oak Bay Community Theatre productions and was well known for his harmonica playing. Andrew went on to earn a Diploma of Peforming Arts from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC. He is currently struggling to earn a living as an actor in Vancouver.

He has appeared on the the science-fiction television series Eureka in the episodes: "You Don't Know Jack", first aired on August 28, 2009, where he played Dr. Bubay and "Friendly Fire", aired on May 7, 2012, where he played a chem tech. He has also appeared on the paranormal activities show Creepy Canada in the 2003 episode "The Ghosts of Rue St. Paul". In 2016, he was the voice of Zed and some supporting Blargs in the Ratchet and Clank movie.

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