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Action 9 News is LoadingReadyRun's own news network, and one of the most frequent recurring sketches on LRR. They have appeared in several videos, starting with Slow News Day.


Slow News Day

  • Appearing in this video, the original Action 9 Team: Anchorman Brian Evans, Sportscaster Bud Hendricks, Weatherman Chip Musgrave and Field Reporter Steve Clark. The video ends with an appearance from Late Night Anchor Hal Johnson.


  • Hal Johnson reappears as the stinger to the video.

OMG! Bears!

  • Once again Hal Johnson caps off a video with a brief report.

Audio Trouble


WGA, No Way!

Max Effect

  • Confrontational right-wing anchor Ross Hartas debuts.

Format War

  • Though it is never mentioned by name, the network reporting on the format war can be assumed to be Action 9, and was later confirmed by Graham in the podcast Security Smile and that the reporter played by Kathleen was Karen Walnut.

Unnatural Resources

  • An unnamed reporter [ostensibly Steve Clark] narrates the Action 9 Webcast.

Uwe Boll: Decision 2008

  • Mark Dawson hosts a segment about Uwe Boll with Chip Muskrave (now a statistician) and Graham appearing as himself.


  • Natasha Stone reposts on a growing trend of philosophy and Mark Dawson gets a buttstallation.


  • Ross Hartas reports about the LHC.

Poker Before Dusk

  • Rich Murdoch with Danny Freiburg present Poker Before Dusk

Action 9 Election Special

  • Mark Dawson and Chip Muskrave appear in unfortunate coverage of the 2009 British Columbia election.

Death From Above

  • Mark Dawson gets the scoop on whether the world will really end in 2012.

Olympic Beard Growing

  • Chip Muskgrave and Ross Hartas cover the fan-favorite Beard Growing Olympic competition.

More at 11

  • The original Action 9 news team (and a few new reporters) let's you, the viewer, get a sneak peek at tonight's upcoming stories. Stay tuned to find out more.


  • Karen Walnut interview two friends arguing about the presence of cameras.

Friday Nights: Untap

  • While not a typical example, Graham and Matt used the A9 logo to dress the set for their commentary desk.

That's No Moon

  • David Cavanagh interviews an astronomer about the existence of the Moon.

Yes Man

  • Ross Hartas anchored, taking in reports from Cyril Peabody, Karen Manners, David Cavanaugh, and Stacee Lindstrim.

Live On Location

  • Hal Johnson discovers that Steve Clark is reporting from a green screen studio instead of live on location. He does however believe Karen Walnut who does the same.

Crapshots Ep.177 - The Deal

  • Alex is interviewed after settling The Deal with Kathleen.

Crapshots Ep.280 - The News

  • Ross Hartas and Karen Walnut reports on monkeys and sallad dressing.

Crapshots Ep.352 - The Opinion

  • Lance Sternum interviews a citizen about the mayor's newest announcement.

Crapshots Ep.405 - The Report

  • Steve Clark gives a report about the stormy weather even though Hal Johnson asked about something completely different.