A Tribute to Canada

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As a tribute to Canada, LoadingReadyRun notes some non snow-related Canadian inventions.

Vital Statistics

A Tribute to Canada

Date: July 2, 2004

Category: Other

Appearing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Editing: Graham Stark

Music: George Olsen and His Music - 'Tain't No Sin

Location: Graham's Parents' House


Canadians are responsible for the invention of the telephone, the gramophone, the zipper, and Trivial Pursuit, among other things.


  • Graham's mum may be a distant relation of Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Errors are made, such as penicillin not being invented by a Canadian.
  • The music is played on a gramophone and the slowing of the music at the end is a result of the gramophone running out of energy.
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