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A Swiftly Tilting Cameron follows Cameron's attempts to play various strategy games on the highest possible difficulty settings, with various results.

The game's title comes from a critically acclaimed young adult science fiction book A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle (the third book in the series that began with A Wrinkle in Time), which Cameron claims to have enjoyed as a child. The word "tilt" refers to "tilting out", a phrase commonly used in gaming to indicate one becoming so angry at their failure with a given game that their performance suffers, causing them to become even angrier, creating an endless downward spiral.

Cameron does not usually have any wingmen. Like Kathleen, he typically plays his own music via the streaming service RDIO instead of listening to the looping in-game music.

Though Cameron is not known to be an especially angry or aggressive person, his rage has already manifested several times on the stream. Instead of yelling or making frustrated gestures, Cameron's anger causes him to become extremely quiet, focused, and intense, with occasional outbursts of extraordinarily creative profanity and black humor. This state has been described as genuinely terrifying by many members of the onlooking chat.

Subscriber bonuses

Many of the crew members offer special incentives to those who undertake a $5/month subscription during their stream, usually a special greeting message in a signature style such as a "Kathleen commercial". Instead, Cameron offers any subscribers (including those who did not subscribe during his show) the ability to submit requests for special cosmetic modifications to game elements in their name, if such options are available; for example, subscribers were able to request specific names and cosmetic traits for soldiers in X-COM. Those subscriber soldiers are usually referred to as "Cameron Fodder", and have their own LRR forum signature bar.

YouTube Playlist

The video playlist for A Swiftly Tilting Cameron can be found on the LRR Streams YouTube Channel.

A Swiftly Tilting Cameron YouTube Playlist.

List of Episode

Recruitment poster for X-COM created by Cantwearhats


Date Title Link
2016-05-11 XCOM 2 Ep11 Link

2016-05-04 XCOM 2 Ep10 Link

2016-04-27 Dark Souls III / MtG Link

2016-04-22 Dark Souls III Link

2016-04-13 XCOM 2 / Dark Souls III Link

2016-04-06 Dark Souls III / XCOM 2 Link

2016-03-23 MtG / XCOM 2 Link

2016-03-16 Dark Souls Link

2016-03-09 Dark Souls Link

2016-03-05 MtG Oath Sealed League Link

2016-03-02 MtG Link

2016-02-24 XCOM 2 Ep7 / MtG Link

2016-02-18 Dark Souls Link

2016-02-17 XCOM 2 Ep6 / Dark Souls Ep1 Link

2016-02-13 XCOM 2 Ep5 Link

2016-02-1? XCOM 2 Ep4 Link

2016-02-10 XCOM 2 Ep3 Link

2016-02-09 XCOM 2 Ep2 Link

2016-02-05 XCOM 2 Ep1 Link

2016-02-03 XCOM: Enemy Within Ep6 / MtG Link

2016-01-27 XCOM: Enemy Within Ep5/MtG Link

2016-01-20 XCOM: Enemy Within Ep4 Link

2016-01-13 XCOM: Enemy Within Ep3 Link

2016-01-06 XCOM: Enemy Within Ep2 Link


Date Title Link
2015-12-23 XCOM: Enemy Within Link

2015-12-16 MtG Link

2015-12-09 MtG Link

2015-12-02 Bloodborne: The Old Hunters/MtG Link

2015-11-25 MtG/Bloodborne Link

2015-11-11 Mass Effect 2 Ep7 Link

2015-11-06 Mass Effect 2 Ep6 Link

2015-11-04 Mass Effect 2 Ep5 Link

2015-10-28 Mass Effect 2 Ep4 Link

2015-10-21 Mass Effect 2 Ep3 Link

2015-10-16 Mass Effect 2 Ep2 Link

2015-10-14 MtG & Mass Effect 2 Ep1 Link

2015-10-07 MtG Link
4-Booster Sealed
2015-09-30 MtG Link

2015-09-23 MtG Link

2015-09-16 Bloodborne Ep5 (titled Ep4) & MTG Link

2015-09-09 Bloodborne Ep4 (titled Ep3) Link

2015-09-08 XCOM Link
X-Cam returns!
2015-09-05 Bloodborne Ep3 Link

2015-09-04 Bloodborne Ep2 Link

2015-09-02 Bloodborne Link
It begins again.
2015-08-26 MtG/XCOM Link

2015-08-19 Wargame: Red Dragon Ep3/MTG Link

2015-08-15 Wargame: Red Dragon Ep2 Link

2015-08-12 Dark Souls / MtG / Wargame: Red Dragon Link

2015-08-08 Wargame: Red Dragon Link

2015-08-05 Civ5 Ep18 & MtG Link

2015-07-30 MtG Ep1 (!?) Link
Ian, please help me re-number these...
2015-07-29 Civ5 Ep17 Link

2015-07-22 Civ5 Ep16 Link

2015-07-21 Civ5 Ep15 Link

2015-07-15 MtG Link

2015-07-14 Cities: Skylines Ep3 & MtG Link

2015-07-09 Cities: Skylines Ep2 Link

2015-07-08 MtG/Bloodborne Link

2015-07-02 Cities: Skylines Ep1 Link

2015-07-01 MtG Ep1 (again, I think) Link

2015-06-24 Civ5 Ep14/Dark Souls Link

2015-06-17 Dark Souls/XCOM Link

2015-06-10 Civ 5 Ep13 Link

2015-06-03 Dark Souls Ep1 (again) Link

2015-05-27 24 Hour Madness Link

2015-05-20 Bloodborne Ep19 Link

2015-05-17 Bloodborne Ep18 Link

2015-05-15 Bloodborne Ep17 Link

2015-05-13 Bloodborne Ep16 Link

2015-05-12 Bloodborne Ep15 Link

2015-05-10 Bloodborne Ep14 Link

2015-05-08 Bloodborne Ep13 Link

2015-05-06 Bloodborne Ep13 (titled Ep12) Link

2015-05-03 Bloodborne Ep12 Link

2015-05-01 Bloodborne Ep11 Link

2015-04-30 Bloodborne Ep10 Link

2015-04-29 Bloodborne Ep9 Link

2015-04-22 Bloodborne Ep8 Link

2015-04-19 Bloodborne Ep7 Link

2015-04-15 Bloodborne Ep6 Link

2015-04-08 Bloodborne Ep5 Link

2015-04-04 Bloodborne Ep4 Link

2015-04-03 Bloodborne Ep4 (titled ep3) Link

2015-04-01 Bloodborne Ep4 (titled ep2) Link

2015-03-27 Bloodborne Ep3 Link

2015-03-27 Bloodborne Ep2 Link

2015-03-25 Bloodborne Ep1 Link

2015-03-18 Mass Effect Ep2 Link

2015-03-13 Mass Effect Ep1 Link

2015-03-11 Master of Orion 2 Ep1 & MTG Link

2015-03-04 Swiftly Tiling Cameron--Dark Souls Ep1 Link
I'm gonna assume the title's a pun.
2015-02-18 MTG & Civ5: BNW Ep2 Link

2015-02-11 Civ5: Brave New World Ep1 Link

2015-02-04 Valkyria Chronicles Ep2 Link

2015-01-30 MtG & Valkyria Chronicles Ep1 Link

2015-01-28 MtG--KTK Draft Link
This video is on the playlist twice.
2015-01-21 MtG & Dark Souls Link

2015-01-14 MtGO--Villainous Wealth Link

2015-01-08 Civ5 Ep12 Link

2015-01-07 LRRMtG — Camerons of Tarkir -- Empty the Pits! Link

2015-01-04 Civ5 Ep11 Link


Date Title Link
2014-12-31 Dark Souls Ep12 & Civ5 Link

2014-12-24 Dark Souls Ep11 Link

2014-12-23 Dark Souls Ep10 Link

2014-12-17 Dark Souls Ep9 Link

2014-12-10 Dark Souls Ep8 (titled Ep7) Link

2014-12-03 Dark Souls Ep7 (titled Ep8) Link

2014-11-29 Dark Souls Ep6 Link

2014-11-26 Dark Souls Ep5 Link

2014-11-05 Civilzation: Beyond Earth Ep3 Link

2014-10-29 Civilzation: Beyond Earth Ep2 Link

2014-10-26 Civilzation: Beyond Earth Ep1 (9 Hours) Link

2014-10-22 Alpha Centauri Ep 1-- Hooked on SMAC Link

2014-10-15 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep21 Link

2014-10-08 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep20 Link

2014-10-01 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep19 Link

2014-09-24 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep18 Link

2014-09-17 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep17 Link

2014-09-10 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep16 Link

2014-09-03 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep15 Link

2014-08-27 WoW and XCOM Link

2014-08-20 World of Warcraft Ep1 Link

2014-08-08 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep14 Link

2014-07-23 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep11 Link
How many more subs must fall?
2014-07-16 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep10 Link
Cam gets back into his comfort zone. Killing subs.
2014-07-03 Valiant Hearts Ep2 Link

2014-06-25 Valiant Hearts Ep1 Link

2014-06-18 Dark Souls Ep4--Everybody Loves Blighttown Link
Blocked on copyright grounds.
2014-06-11 Dark Souls Ep3--The Gaping Dragon Link
The tilt is not swift, but it lingers, as Cam battles his way through the sewers.
2014-06-04 Dark Souls Ep2--Two Swords is better Link
Cam's adventures in Lordran continue!
2014-05-28 Dark Souls Ep1 Link
Cameron becomes the latest to be infected by the Dark Souls bug, and starts his own game without Alex (but with bonus Lars!)
2014-05-21 CIV5 Ep7 (titled Part 5) Link
The journey of China continues!
2014-05-14 CIV5 Ep6 (titled Part 7) Link

2014-05-07 CIV5 Ep5 (titled Part 4) Link
Cam rerolls to rule the world anew.
2014-04-23 CIV5 Ep4 Link

2014-04-16 CIV5 Ep3 Link
Cam is going to conquer the whole darned world.
2014-04-09 CIV5 Ep2 Link

2014-03-26 CIV5 Ep1 Link
Cam conquers the world!
2014-03-12 Master of Orion 2 Ep2 Link
Cam's domination of the universe continues!
2014-03-05 Master of Orion 2 Ep1 Link
Cam tilts out over a new game, this time fighting AS the aliens.
2014-02-26 Thief: The Dark Project Link
The new Thief game came out, so Cam decided to play the original one.
2014-02-12 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep9 (titled Ep7) Link
Defend the Earth!
2014-01-29 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep8 (titled Ep9) Link
Cam and Alex play some XCOM!
2014-01-24 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep7 (titled Ep8) Link
The XCAM is grueling; it knows no mercy.
2014-01-22 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep6 Link
"Thank you for your service."
2014-01-18 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep5 Link
Cam continues to kill his viewers. Also aliens.
2014-01-15 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep4 Link
Turns out Cam doesn't so much tilt out as he does become more resigned.
2014-01-11 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep3 Link
Cam does another bonus stream, and it goes better this time!
2014-01-08 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep2 Link

2014-01-08 X-COM: Enemy Within Ep1 Link
Cam plays XCOM Enemy Within on Impossible/Ironman

Missing Episodes

The following are episodes of A Swiftly Tilting Cameron which have not been uploaded to the LoadingReadyLive Youtube account.

  • XCOM: Enemy Within Eps. 12 and 13
  • Civ5 Eps. 8-10

There are also a number of mis-numbered episodes.

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