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Sometimes the LRR crew play games that aren't video games. Sometimes they play them on stream. Sometimes those games are not Magic the Gathering!

AFK is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 6PM PST/9PM EST on Friday/2AM GMT on Saturday. It is hosted by multiple streamers and features a board or card game.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2019-01-16 Villainous [ Link]
Tonight on AFK, Ben, Kathleen and Adam reveal their true colours in Villainous!
2019-01-09 Keyforge Link
These three fine gentlemen are live with tonight’s AFK playing @FFGames Keyforge!
2019-01-02 Pandemic Legacy Ep8 - ? Link
Going live with AFK, right now, playing Pandemic Legacy! 🎦


Date Title Link
2018-12-19 Red Dragon Inn Ep3 Link
Going live with AFK, playing Red Dragon Inn, right now! 🎦
2018-12-12 Fireball Island Link
Going live with AFK! ☄️ FIREBALL ISLAND! ☄️
2018-12-05 Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right Link
Time for AFK! This week Ben, Cameron, Kathleen and Ian are playing Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right.
2018-11-28 Pandemic Legacy Ep7 - May #2 Link
Going live with AFK, right now, playing Pandemic Legacy! 🎦
2018-10-31 Atmosfear DVD/Betrayal at the House on the Hill Link
Going live with AFK, right now, playing Atmosfear! 🎦
2018-10-17 Pandemic Legacy Ep6 - May Link
Going live with AFK, playing Pandemic Legacy right now! 🎦
2018-10-03 Betrayal at House on the Hill Ep3 Link
It’s time for a very spoooooooky episode of AFK. Join these fine gentlemen for an evening of Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Insert Ben is the traitor joeks

2018-10-03 Mysterium Ep2 Link
Time for spoops on AFK! Ben, Beej, Heather and Cameron are playing Mysterium!
2018-09-26 Camel Up: Super Cup Ep2 Link

2018-09-12 Pandemic Legacy Ep5 - April Link
Going live with AFK, playing Pandemic Legacy right now! 🎦
2018-09-05 Thornwatch Link
Tonight on AFK we’re playing Thornwatch! Join Ben, Beej, Adam and special guest Erick Beker from Child's Play.
2018-08-22 Pandemic Legacy Ep4 - March Link
Going live with AFK, playing Pandemic Legacy right now! 🎦
2018-08-15 Ruby Roundup Link
Time for AFK! Kathleen, Ben, Serge, Beej are playing Ruby Roundup! joined by Dan, the game's creator!
2018-08-08 Fallout The Boardgame Ep2 Link
Going live with AFK! Tonight we’re playing more Fallout: The Boardgame!
2018-08-01 Zombicide - Black Plague Link
Going live with AFK, playing Zombicide - Black Plague right now! 🎦
2018-07-18 X-COM The Board Game Link
Going live with AFK, playing X-COM, right now! 🎦
2018-07-11 Pandemic Legacy Ep3 - February 2 Link
Time for AFK! This week Beej, Ben, Ian and Adam take another crack at saving February in Pandemic Legacy.
2018-07-04 Red November Link
James, Cameron, Ian and Serge are tiny gnomes in a poorly serviced submarine on tonight’s AFK. We’re playing Red November.
2018-06-20 Pandemic Legacy Ep2 - February 1 Link
February attempt 1
2018-06-13 Fallout The Boardgame Ep1 Link

2018-06-06 Mistborn: House War Link

2018-05-09 Camel Up: Super Cup Ep1 Link

2018-05-09 Red Dragon Inn Link

2018-05-02 Pandemic Legacy Ep1 - January Link
2018-04-28 International Tabletop Day 2018 Link
Individual links: Quest, King of Tokyo, Snake Oil, Risk Legacy Game 15, Atmosfear: The Harbingers, Cards Against Humanity
2018-04-25 Coup, Banishment, and Welcome to the Dungeon Link

2018-04-18 Risk Legacy Ep12 Link
Game 14
2018-04-11 FLOCK Link

2018-04-04 Space Hulk Link
Mission 3: Exterminate
2018-03-28 The Shadow over Westminster Link

2018-03-21 Risk Legacy Ep11 Link
Game 12 and 13
2018-03-07 Spirit Island Link

2018-02-28 Arcadia Quest Link

2018-02-21 Space Hulk Link

2018-02-14 Crokinole Link

2018-02-07 Risk Legacy Ep10 Link
Game 11
2018-01-31 Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Ep2 Link

2018-01-24 Mysterium Ep1 Link

2018-01-17 Illimat Link

2018-01-10 Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-27 Hero Quest Ep8 Link

2017-12-20 Risk Legacy Ep9 Link
Game 10
2017-12-13 Mangaka Ep2 Link

2017-12-06 Ticket to Ride: Europe Link

2017-11-08 Dice Forge Link

2017-11-01 Risk Legacy Ep8 Link
Game 9
2017-10-25 T.I.M.E. Stories Link

2017-10-13 Nightmare IV Link

2017-10-04 Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Link

2017-09-27 Dropmix Link

2017-09-20 Dune: The Dice Game Link

2017-09-13 Hero Quest Ep7 Link

2017-09-08 MtG - Canadian Highlander Link

2017-08-04 Risk Legacy Ep7 Link
Game 8
2017-07-31 Action Cats Link

2017-07-28 Crokinole Ep2 Link

2017-07-21 Settlers of Catan Link

2017-07-14 MtG: Hour of Devastation Draft Link

2017-07-12 MtG: Hour of Devastation Case Opening Link

2017-07-01 MtG: Hour of Devastation Pre-Prerelease Link

2017-06-16 MtG: Commander Link

2017-06-16 Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Widow's Walk Link

2017-06-14 Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game Link

2017-06-09 Monopoly Link

2017-06-02 Risk Legacy Ep6 Link
Game 7
2017-05-19 Red Dragon Inn Link

2017-05-26 MtG: Highlander Cube Draft Link

2017-05-12 MtG - Amonkhet Draft Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Paranoia Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Spyfall Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Red Dragon Inn Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Nightmare 3 Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Jenga Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Heroquest Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Crokinole Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Cards Against Humanity Link

2017-04-29 International Tabletop Day 2017 – Betrayal at the House on the Hill Link

2017-04-26 Magic: the Gathering — Amonkhet Case Opening Link

2017-04-21 Dominion Link

2017-04-15 Magic: The Gathering — Amonkhet Pre PreRelease Link

2017-04-07 Risk Legacy Ep5 Link
Game 6
2017-03-31 Magic: the Gathering - Chaos Draft Link

2017-03-29 Grow Link

2017-03-24 Arcadia Quest Link

2017-03-17 Magic: the Gathering — Modern Masters 2017 Link

2017-03-10 Risk Legacy Ep4 Link
Games 4 and 5
2017-02-24 Dusk City Outlaws Link

2017-02-17 HeroQuest Ep6 Link

2017-02-10 Millennium Blades Link

2017-02-03 Risk Legacy Ep3 Link
Game 3
2017-01-27 Betrayal at the House on the Hill & Crokinole Ep2 Link

2017-01-20 Aether Revolt Draft Link

2017-01-18 Crack a Case of Aether Revolt Link

2017-01-13 Crokinole Link

2017-01-06 Magic: The Gathering — Aether Revolt Pre PreRelease Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-30 Mechs vs. Minions Link

2016-12-16 Mangaka Link

2016-12-09 Canadian Highlander Link

2016-11-25 Commander 2016 Link

2016-11-04 Risk Legacy Ep2 Link
Game 2
2016-10-28 Betrayal at the House on the Hill Link

2016-10-14 Secret Hitler Ep2 Link

2016-10-14 Risk Legacy Ep1 Link
Game 1
2016-10-07 HeroQuest Ep5 Link

2016-09-30 MtG: Kaladesh 6-Person Paper Draft Link

2016-09-23 Timeline and Timeline Challenge Link

2016-09-18 MTG: Kaladesh Pre-Pre-Release Link

2016-09-16 Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Klingon Challenge Link

2016-09-09 Ticket to Ride Link

2016-08-26 MTG: Conspiracy 2 Draft Link

2016-08-19 Party games! Link

2016-08-12 Terra Mystica Link

2016-08-05 Etin D&D Ep3 Link

2016-07-22 Eldritch Moon Draft Link

2016-07-15 Tactical Roll Link

2016-07-12 MtGEMN Pre-Prerelease Link

2016-07-01 Nightmare Link

2016-06-24 MtG Pauper Cube Draft Link

2016-06-17 D&D "Etin" Ep2 Link

2016-06-10 MtG Eternal Masters Link

2016-06-03 Lego Build Link

2016-05-27 MtG Chaos Draft Link

2016-05-20 HeroQuest Ep4 Link

2016-04-30 Tabletop Day 2016 Link

2016-04-16 D&D "Etin" Ep1 Link

2016-03-26 MtG – Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Prerelease Link
Brought to you by Wizards of the Coast.
2016-03-04 MtG – Foil Shards of Alara Draft Link

2016-02-27 HeroQuest Ep3 Link

2016-02-06 MtG: Canadian Highlander Link

2016-01-29 RoboRally Link

2016-01-17 MtG OGW Prerelease Sealed Deck Showdown Link


Date Title Link
2015-12-12 MtG Commander 2015 Link

2015-10-24 Hero Quest Ep2 Link

2015-10-03 Hero Quest Ep1 Link

2015-09-05 Cards Against Humanity Link

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