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Alex A-Train
by Devin Harrigan
Nickname: A-Train
Job: Co-host of Qwerpline, Therpston County Aldersm'n
Location: nsburg
Voiced By: Alex

His Honor the Aldersm'n Alex, aka "A-Train," is the co-host of the Qwerpline morning radio show. As of Episode 8, he is also Therpston County's (reluctant) aldersm'n. Alex, like his co-host, is a mostly reasonable individual, at least for someone who lives in Nsburg.

Alex attended Nsburg High and spent four winters doing roadwork, where he probably first encountered the Secret Pipesmen. He doesn't seem to be a member of the Pipesmen, but is close enough to the organization to attend their open house and make ample use of their open bar. He used to pay his taxes at the Town Hall back when he paid them, but has hopefully started paying them at the Town Hall since becoming aldersm'n.

In the special election following the death of aldersm'n Richard Therpston in Episode 6, Alex was inadvertently elected to the position despite being one of the few people not running. It was revealed in Episode 11 that Alex's election came about through a combination of popular support following a speech he gave on Qwerpline plus a surge of mistaken write-in votes from the Secret Pipesmen, who were actually attempting to vote for "a train." Despite his clear resentment of the job, Alex has been an effective aldersm'n and seems to be warming up to the idea. This may be because he gets free growlers of rum from the Rum Tunnels as a perk of the position.

Since becoming aldersm'n Alex has awarded the Key to the City (Episode 10), settled a patent dispute on-air (Episode 12), and told the Pipesmen that no, they cannot have their train. In Episode 17 Alex misplaced a folder of municipal property deeds, which Derek then dumped into the Nsburg Property Lottery.

Alex has tried multiple times to get rid of Derek the Intern. His most recent attempt failed due to insufficient postage. Despite his dislike, however, Alex has mentioned that Derek is their "best intern yet."


  • Had a C GPA in high school.
  • Played second turnstile for the Literal Tigers.
  • Doesn't seem to like the town of Jewelsburg.
  • Has a heavy weapons license, required to operate the ceremonial blunderbuss.
  • Likes his pies rare.
  • His cousin once had swamp leg, but he doesn't like to talk about it.