2003 Holiday Special

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A tribute to the lesser known holidays in December, as corroborated by HolidayInsights

Vital Statistics

2003 Holiday Special

Date: December 26, 2003

Category: Other

Appearing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Kate Stark, Mike Shumlich, Duncan Hauser

Writing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Editing: Graham Stark

Opening Music: Leroy Anderson - 'Sleigh Ride'

Location: Graham's Parents' House


December is filled with obscure holidays that should all be recognized: Wear Brown Shoes Day, Bathtub Party Day, National Bouillabaisse Day, and many others. Morgan gorges himself on the many foods celebrated, growing larger and larger over the month of holidays.

The Days

December 2nd: Eat a Red Apple Day, National Pie Day
December 4th: Wear Brown Shoes Day
December 5th: Bathtub Party Day
December 6th: Mitten Tree Day
December 7th: Cotton Candy Day
December 8th: Take it in the Ear Day
December 9th: National Pastry Day
December 12th: National Ding-a-ling Day
December 13th: Ice-Cream Day
December 14th: National Bouillabaisse Day
December 15th: National Lemon Cupcake Day
December 16th: Chocolate Covered Anything Day
December 17th: National Maple Syrup Day
December 18th: Bake Cookies Day
December 19th: Oatmeal Muffin Day
December 21st: Hamburger Day
December 22nd: National Date-Nut Bread Day
December 24th: National Eggnog Day
December 25th: National Pumpkin Pie Day (And Christmas, but that one's really obscure)
December 27th: National Cut Out Snowflakes Day, National Fruitcake Day
December 28th: National Chocolate Day
December 30th: Bicarbonate of Soda Day


  • Graham and Paul actually did wear kilts.
  • The explosion is a reference to the Mr. Creosote scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life.
  • A special holiday themed opening was used in this video, an example of a non-standard intro.
  • Gibb can be seen sleeping behind Morgan.
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