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this page is a sandbox for page changes I'm working on

Season 1

Episode No. Title Original Air Date Link
01 Laundry October 20, 2008 Link
The first part of a new ongoing series about guys, girls, games and gorillas. Except there's no gorillas. That would be weird.
02 Red November 3, 2008 Link
Whether it's a ring or pants, everyone's seeing red.
03 Critical December 8, 2008 Link
Revenge is a dish best served microwaved.
04 Fixer January 5, 2009 Link
Sometimes life throws a problem at you that's too big for you to solve yourself. Sometimes it's a great idea to get a friend to help you with your problem. Sometimes.
05 Street February 2, 2009 Link
In order to take it back to the streets, the crew must first determine just what "the streets" is.
06 Viral March 2, 2009 Link
The crew needs to get more viral. But not in the way you are thinking. That would be gross.
07 Fallout April 6, 2009 Link
So, Operation: Viral Outbreak kind of... broke out. And that means the LRR crew has some serious thinking to do. Sadly they're not good at "serious".
08 Investigation May 4, 2009 Link
The crew enlists outside help to solve some problems, as they are clearly incapable of handling any on their own.
09 Growl June 1, 2009 Link
The Crew are easily distracted by shiny objects. Or furry objects. Let's just say they're easily distracted.
10 Judgement July 6, 2009 Link
In Season One's second-last episode, the mystery is finally revealed. Unfortunately, it's still wrapped in an eminga, and the LRR Crew can't even SPELL enimga.
11 Showdown August 3, 2009 Link
The season one finale of commodoreHUSTLE, in which the crew finally confronts their self-proclaimed nemesis.
12 Future November 9, 2009 Link
An epilogue to cH Season 1, to make way for shenanigans of the future.

Season 2

Episode No. Title Original Air Date Link
13 Matt Gets His Groove December 7, 2009 Link
Matt needs some space. That space is roughly Graham-shaped.
14 Hot Water at PAX April 12, 2010 Link
Sharing a hotel room sucks.
15 The Gay Chicken May 17, 2010 Link
In this episode of Commodore Hustle, an all-out war erupts over a roommate situation.
16 The Arms Race July 19, 2010 Link
While Graham tries to fix a real problem, James and Matt are locked in mortal idiocy.
17 It's Magic November 15, 2010 Link
The LoadingReadyRun crew is overcome with a burning need to cast card-based spells.
18 Santa Secrets December 20, 2010 Link
The LRR crew engages in the fine tradition of not knowing what your friends want.
19 Bros Clubbing Bros March 21, 2011 Link
Bros don't let bros club bros.
20 Cash Cats April 18, 2011 Link
Kathleen tries to make money by putting videos on the Internet. Weird, huh?
21 Garagellenium June 13, 2011 Link
When you're out of ideas, the only thing you can do is go buy more.
22 Sickness August 8, 2011 Link
When an illness hits one of the LRR crew, it's like a house of... dominoes. Or... something. Leave me alone, I'm sick.
23 Roll for Treats October 31, 2011 Link
Giving adults everywhere ideas for trick or treating.
24 Rarelywinter November 14, 2011 Link
Jer finds that he has more free time with less LRR in his life.
25 Pony Time January 30, 2012 Link
The crew deals with an equine problem.
26 The Bee Team April 30, 2012 Link
While the crew is away at Calgary Comic Expo, the Moonbase's case is left in other hands.
27 Mustache You a Question June 25, 2012 Link
Sometimes a mustache is not cool.
28 Forward Facing October 1, 2012 Link
The LoadingReadyRun crew plan for the future.
29 On the Case October 29, 2012 Link
Investigating, extorting, what's the difference?
30 Resolved January 7, 2013 Link
I resolve to never make resolutions again.
31 Harlem Shake February 18, 2013 Link
You may have heard of this popular internet thing, it's called "The Harlem Shake."
32 Homebrew Hobby June 10, 2013 Link
Being web video producers isn't all about producing web video.
33 The Story of Beej September 16, 2013 Link
He is more meme than man, but we have the technology.
34 Laughter February 3, 2014 Link
Graham and Paul hatch a plan to improve LRR's connection with their audience.
35 The File March 24, 2014 Link
For once, the LRR crew has some time off! But unfortunately, they've got the plague.
36 Cleaning Day June 2, 2014 Link
The Moonbase's eternal battle takes a turn for the wurst.
37 Alex's Stream June 30, 2014 Link
The crew is taking to streaming very well, and Alex is taking to it maybe a little TOO well.
38 Fixing the Stream September 15, 2014 Link
Got to check under the hood every so often.
39 Free Candy October 27, 2014 Link
It's Halloween at the Moonbase, and we're all rubbish.
40 No Laughing Matter December 8, 2014 Link
Graham loves Christmas; there's just a little too much of it sometimes.