The Trouble with Scribbles

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Thankfully, other aspects of the game don't transfer to real life. Like the zombies, for example. Or the controls.

Vital Statistics

Scribble Trouble.jpg

Date: October 5, 2009

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Tally Heilke, James Turner, Morgan vanHumbeck, Ben Wilkinson (uncredited)

Writing: Tally Heilke

Camera: Graham Stark

Boom: Ben Wilkinson

Edited by: Graham Stark

Graphics: Graham Stark


Nick (Morgan) attempts to paint his garage with a Scribblenauts-style elephant. He then tries various different ways to clean himself off, ending at the same thing that caused the problem.


  • The various scribbles were redrawn for this video; nothing was ripped directly.
Season Six     Shorts

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