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We present the world premiere of the new single from rap group 64K.

Vital Statistics

64K bursts onto the scene

Date: October 22, 2004

Category: Music

Appearing: Graham Stark, Jeremy Petter, Morgan vanHumbeck

Camera: Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark

Music: Jeremy Petter

Writing: Jeremy Petter

Location: Clearihue Building, UVic, Graham's Parents' House


Introducing 64K, G*Star's Commodore 64 is in need of the LoadingReadyRap.


  • At the start of Season Two Graham experimented with different music and different opening graphics for the opening before returning to the standard one in Celestial Sea: Episode 1.
    • The change that would remain in all subsequent episodes is the faster apperance of the LoadingReadyRun logo, and the accompanying sound effects.
Season Two     Music

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