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With the regular crew away join our very own Jeremy with other Jeremy & Kayda as they discuss Vintage!

Vital Statistics

Date: February 11, 2015

Appearing: Jeremy Petter, Jeremy White, Kayda Vyan, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 46:32

Broadcasting live from: the Time Vortex-scarred plains of Dominaria

Crack-A-Pack - Future Sight (Italian)

- Sprout Swarm

- Oblivion Crown

- Saltskitter

- Infiltrator il-Kor

- Cutthroat il-Dal

- Gathan Raiders

- Sporoloth Ancient

- Grave Scrabbler

- Lumithread Field

- Mesmeric Sliver

- Stronghold Rats

- Dakmor Salvage

- Mistmeadow Skulk

- Nihilith

- Nessian Courser

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