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Not to be confused with LoadingReadyLIVE, the live streaming show that premiered in 2016.

In the summer of 2006 the crew of Loading Ready Live took to the stage at Victoria's 20th Annual Fringe Theatre Festival

The Show

LoadingReadyLIVE! ran from August 24th-September 3rd of 2006 in Venue Number 4 St Andrews Gymnasium The show ran at a time of 75 minutes with no intermission. It contained 13 Shorts preformed live on stage and 2 videos:

The Danger of Cigarettes, Upgrade Y/N?, Door to Door and 30 Minutes or Less were all videos adapted for the stage while Evil Inc was adapted from the two Evil Corp. videos. EZ Industries would later be filmed as its own video. Split Screen Scripting was also adapted from a video. The Prop Guy, played by James tied the different sketches together as well as allowing scene changes to take place.

The Cast and their Parts

  • Jeremy Petter - Himself, JP, Upgrade Devil, Jeremy Michaels, Sedgewick/Algernon, The Chief, Ninja
  • Paul Saunders - Himself, Master of Ceremonies, Evil Inc. Leader, Preacher of Satan #2, Deepcrust O'Reilly
  • Graham Stark - Himself, GStar, The Narrator, The Great Spumoni, Evil Inc. Henchmen, Preacher of Satan #1, Johnny, Greg
  • James Turner - Himself, Prop Guy, Upgrade Angel, Derek Edwards
  • Bill Watt - Himself, Ted, Assassin, Gaylord Tollman, Algernon/Sedgewick.
  • Matt Wiggins - Himself, Billy, Confused Upgrader, Bachelor #1, Jeff
  • Morgan vanHumbeck - Himself, Ice Tray, The Intern, Bachelor #2, Victim of Satan

Also Appearing

Appearing on Video

Additional Writing

Additional Music

Technical Design and Operation