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Friday Night Paper Fight is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Fridays (1am GMT on Saturdays).

Every week, the crew plays Magic: the Gathering with paper cards. The show began to be differentiated from Magic: The Gathering Online livestreams on March 16, 2018.

Episodes list


Date Title Link
2019-02-15 Canadian Highlander Memes & Moxes tournament [ Link]
Time for a Canadian Highlander Memes & Moxes tournament on Friday Night Paper Fight!
2019-02-08 4 Player Chaos Winston draft Link
Friday Night Paper Fight is live! Tonight Graham, James, Ben and Adam are doing a 4 Player Chaos Winston draft (yes, that’s a thing, but mostly cause we’re doing it)
2019-02-01 $20 Kitchen Table Challenge Link
Tonight on Friday Night Paper Fight, Ben, Adam, Alex and Cameron have a $20 deckbuilding challenge!
2019-01-25 6-Player Ravnica Allegiance Draft Link
It’s Friday Night which means it’s time for a Paper Fight! Join these find gentlemen for a Ravnica Allegiance 6-Player draft.
2019-01-18 Canadian Highlander Mini-Tournament Link

2019-01-04 4 Player Commander Link
🔵 Going live with FRIDAY NIGHT PAPER FIGHT! Let’s play some Magic... it’s Commander!


Date Title Link
2018-12-21 Full block Theros draft Link
Tonight on Friday Night Paper Fight we’re celebrating Adams birthday (a bit early) with a full block Theros draft!
2018-12-14 Card Kingdom Designer Draft set: Lumeria, The Infinite City Link
Friday Night Paper Fight is a go! Tonight the crew is drafting Card Kingdom Designer Draft set Lumeria The Infinite City. Come watch for sick magic plays. #CKLumeria
2018-12-07 Ultimate Masters draft Link
Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! It's the ultimate showdown of Ultimate Masters!
2018-11-30 Canadian Highlander Link
Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! Tonight Ben, and and Cameron plus Jeremy and Ben from North100 play some Canadian Highlander!
2018-11-23 Chaos Draft Link
Join us on the Friday Night Paper Fight for CHAOS DRAFT!! (yes, that is a pack of P3K!)
2018-11-02 Pre-constructed Commander Deck Throwdown Link
We are having a Pre-constructed Commander Deck Throwdown on Friday Night Paper Fight!
2018-10-26 Canadian Highlander Mini-Tournament Link
Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! Join Alex, Serge, Cameron and Adam for a Canadian Highlander Mini-Tournament!
2018-10-19 Commander Planechase Link
🔵 Going live with Friday Night Paper Fight! COMMANDER PLANECHASE!!
2018-10-12 North 100 Canadian Highlander Link
Friday Night Paper Fight is live! Join the crew of North 100 for an evening of Canadian Highlander.
2018-10-05 Guilds of Ravnica draft Link
Time for the FRIDAY NIGHT PAPER FIGHT. Let’s draft Guilds of Ravnica!
2018-09-21 4 Player Commander Link
Let’s play some Commander! Tonight on the Friday Night Paper Fight join these fine folks for some good old fashion 4 player shenanigans.
2018-09-14 Magic 2013 Link
It's Friday Night Paper Fight! Tonight we're doing a throwback draft with Magic 2013!
2018-09-07 Explorers of Ixalan Link
Tonight on the FRIDAY NIGHT PAPER FIGHT, we’re finally searching for Orazca with Explorers of Ixalan!
2018-08-31 Canadian Highlander mini tournament Link
Tonight on Friday Night Paper Fight: Alex, Cameron, Nelson and Adam have a Canadian Highlander mini tournament!
2018-08-24 6 Player Chaos Draft Link
Let’s Chaos draft! We’ve got a bunch of great packs and 6 drafters. Let’s do this thing.
2018-08-17 Commander 2018 Pre-constructed Showdown Link
Let’s play some Commander 2018! It’s the Friday Night Paper Fight!
2018-08-10 North 100 Battle by Proxy Link
FRIDAY NIGHT PAPER FIGHT! Highlander: Battle By Proxy. The hosts of North 100 coach players who haven’t played Highlander, and give commentary on their matches!
2018-08-03 6 Player 3x Innistrad Draft Link
Friday Night Paper Fight! Original 3x INNISTRAD DRAFT!!
2018-07-27 Archenemy - Nicol Bolas Link
It’s the Hour of Devastation! Archenemy Nicol Bolas: Ian, Adam, and Graham vs Ben!
2018-07-20 4 Player Blind Commander Link
Tonight on Friday Night Paper Fight: Blind Commander! James, Ben, Serge and Adam are playing Commander decks that they have never seen before!
2018-07-13 6 Player Core Set 2019 Draft Link

2018-07-06 Canadian Highlander Link
Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! This week we have a Canadian Highlander mini tournament with Serge Yager, Ben Ulmer, Alex Steacy and guest Jordan Hopkins
2018-06-19 Ben's Tribal Cube Link
With Adam, Ben, Kathleen, Serge, James, and Cameron
2018-06-15 4 Player Commander Link
With Graham, Kathleen, Ian and Cori
2018-05-25 Chaos Winston Draft Link
2018-05-18 Card Kingdom Starter Cube Link
2018-05-11 Canadian Highlander and Judges Tower Link
2018-05-04 1v1 Brawl Link
2018-04-27 6 Player Dominaria Draft Link
2018-04-20 4 Player Commander Scrap Link
2018-04-06 4 Player Canadian Highlander Link
2018-03-30 6 Player Canadian Highlander Cube Draft Link
2018-03-23 Challenger Deck Prerelease Mini-Tournament Link
2018-03-16 6 Player Masters 25 Paper Draft Link

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