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The following is the AskLRR Q+A for the December 21st, 2006 LRRcast: Is Paul's Boyfriend Cheating?

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AskLRR Answers

Q: When will you guys have normal shirts available?


  Uhh, when we can find a way of making them on demand and not crap. We definitely
  want to have shirts available in all sorts of beautiful shapes and colours and 
  sizes, and if anyone's been with the site for a fairly long time they'll know 
  we've basically gone through every possible different way to deliver shirts and 
  we've only had medium success with all of them. Like nice shirts but medium 
  success with either selling them or making them. Either the shirts are crappy or
  it takes way too long for us to make them or we have to do a certain run and they
  don't all sell. But in the new year we are definitely going to be looking into what
  can be done for that and we are most definitely behind bringing shirts back.

Q: Follow up question from forum member Number09 - Where is my LoadingReadyLIVE! shirt?


  Umm, I'm going to assume by that question that you actually ordered one because
  if you didn't then can't help you there. If you did order one then you should 
  have received it, and if you didn't then send me an email with your real name 
  and your order number and we'll get that sorted out for you ASAP.

Q: Boxers or briefs?


  James: Boxer-briefs       Graham: Boxer-briefs          
  Morgan: Straight boxers   Paul: Boxer-briefs
  Matt: Boxers              Jer: Boxers or Boxer-briefs   
  Bill: Right now nothing, in general boxers

Q: How many forum goers can you name without cheating?

  Paul would like to point out he has a vague idea of the names of the other
  people in LRR. 


  Bill, Morgan, Jer, Matt, James, Paul and Graham.... ok well Number09, The 
  Hitman, Dana, Kathleen, Tensen01, Allen!, batman, Exclamation Mark, headbomb, Bill's 
  ninja guardian, Lavos, Squiddy, AmazingPjotrMan, Rhinome, Amerovy 2, Melendwyr,
  Lord Chrusher, mistyladybug, magic toaster of destiny, Tapir12, Wraith, Random, 
  DontPanic, AndrewTBP, dark_realm, The Pace, Castle, Team A, Grifta, Jeffyd, 
  Patty, Brinson, johnny, Johnny_Lunchbox, Andy, Human Shield, and that's enough.

---sorry to the people to the people whose usernames I spelled horribly---

Q: Pie or Cake?


  Matt and Paul go cake, to a certain extent, everyone else is all for 
  pie. The only problem is with cheesecake, cheesecake is the only thing leaning
  towards cake... and Matt's Marie Antoinette cake. But there's far more types
  of pies that are awesome, on average pie is better than cake.

Q: Pirates or Ninjas?


  The fictionalized ninja could kick a fictionalized ninja's ass. But Dread Pirate
  Roberts wins because he's a pirate ninja. As to ninjas or pirates.... Ninjas... 
  Dread Pirates.

Q: What are your favorite web comics?


  Sexy Losers, Questionable Content, Penny Arcade, Scary Go Round, White Ninja, 
  Sam and Fuzzy, Diesel Sweeties, Adventures, VG Cats, Sin Fest, Bob The Angry Flower, PA,
  Order of the Stick, Married to the Sea, Gone with the Blast Waves, Perry Bible
  Fellowship, Spamusement, Chugworth Academy.

Q: What has the experience of creating LRR's videos for the past three years taught you about video making?


  A lot of things. In some ways it's not as hard as it seems. When you get there 
  and you have all of this stuff prepared, making a video is not actually that 
  hard. However, making videos consistently and the logistics of it is actually 
  the most difficult thing. If we just had to sit here and write videos it would 
  be so much easier. The main thing that causes us problems with LRR is not 
  actually coming up with ideas, it's figuring out how to shoot the ideas and 
  getting stuff together. That's not so much a video specific problem it is the 
  problem that happens anytime you're trying to do some big thing. The thing 
  Graham has learned that is the most important in getting things done quickly
  and on time is something he's picked up from the videos but was one of the big
  things that stuck with him from the Robert Rodriguez from the 15 minute film 
  school from the original DVD release of 'El Mariachi' and that is "Be your own 
  editor". What that means is that when we are shooting a video I'm often saying   
  "Alright now we need this shot.... Now we need this shot" because I'm mentally 
  editing the video while we're shooting, So I know exactly what we need to shoot.
  It also means that when I'm doing the editing it goes together really fast 
  because I know exactly what we shot and that we shot what we need to. You also 
  have to try to shoot your videos, and write your videos in such a way, like we 
  know that when we're shooting a story guy video all of the story guy videos are 
  shot in two shots, a wide shot and a close shot. That's partially for
  visual interest but mostly because there's no way Graham can remember all of
  this stuff and so the cut is so that he only has to remember one paragraph at a 
  time and that happens a lot in our videos where we put a cut in the middle of 
  difficult speeches. Audio is vastly more important than video. If you see something 
  that looks amazing but has crap audio it is unforgivable. Music is also very
  important. Especially on the internet you can have crisp audio and muddy video 
  and people will watch it. You also edit by audio not video you edit so that 
  something sounds good, not so that it looks good. Lighting is important, and 
  having a camera that can see lighting. Lighting is fun but a lot of work. Making 
  a video look professional isn't that hard thanks in part to all the cool
  technology out there nowadays. Try to keep it short, only show what you need 
  to, you don't need to show every step of someone getting up and going to the 
  bathroom. If you're starting video and don't have a good eye for editing then 
  limit yourself to around 5 minutes of video it forces you to learn. If your film
  is short then even if it sucks people will forgive you.

Q: What has it taught you about comedy?


  Everything is ironic, thank you Andy. Someone will find anything funny and 
  everything has been done, "The Simpsons" have already done it probably. Just do 
  it, even if you know it's been done before and just make it your own. Show your 
  own stuff in your own light. We like basically all kinds of comedy, and no we 
  weren't suggesting we steal jokes. Every joke has been done, but you have to
  establish an internal consistency. You need a reasoning, even a stupid one, for 
  every bizarre silly situation. We have people hacking systems back and forth but
  you can't go from that and cut to say an outside shot of someone whacking  
  someone else in the nuts. While that would be funny it wouldn't mess together. 
  Things need to take itself seriously. Cut the fat off so that you have
  just pure comedy muscle. The best comedy is delivered seriously. Watching 
  someone laugh at their own jokes isn't funny, Mike Bullard, unless you're Eddie 
  Murphy in the '80s. 

Q: Do you feel your experiences with LRR have made you more creative?


  It allows us to express our creativity but it doesn't make us more creative. It 
  allows us to flex our creativity muscle. It allows us to put our minds into a 
  certain area. We always see things and think about how we could make them into a

Q: What is Bill's first name?


  Bill: "Fredrick." (objections that that isn't his real name) "No shut up!" 
  (More objections this time with a southern US drawl). Morgan then tells 
  Bill's first name (but it is bleeped out) and they then discuss how they will  
  have to bleep it or Bill will kill Morgan. Morgan's official last 
  words are "Dude that was so close to my balls".

Q: What is your least favorite video?


  Bill: The Girly Magazine Quizzes (all of them), Celestial Sea (too long)
  James: Stuff from Season 1 
  Morgan: Girly Magazine Quiz
  Paul: Some of the Sheer Stupidity Stuff, Dungeoneers
  Graham: Drive Through
  Matt: Bill Eats Gross Things (because I'm a pansy), Celestial Sea
  P.S. Ways to Make Someone Leave a Room is awesome 

Q: Which comedian or comedy (music or television) is the biggest inspiration to the site?


  A wide range, there's no one thing. Paul watches a ton of sketch comedy that 
  leaks in through his subconscious. Monty Python, Red Dwarf in terms of writing. 
  Spaced in terms of camera work and editing. We watch all kinds of comedy and it 
  all inspires us in some way, a weak answer but it's the truth. To say otherwise 
  would take way too long.

Q: Wii, 360, or PS3?


  Right now Xbox 360, when it has games Bill thinks a PS3, but Matt and 
  Jer think that the cost of developing any PS3 game will come out on the 360 
  at some point to offset the cost of development. It would be too expensive for 
  them to fully take advantage of the PS3 hardware as it currently is too high to 
  max out the hardware of the 360. Also the Wii will be the sleeper system. It
  shouldn't be anyone's first system but it should be everyone's second system. Wii
  Bowling is a family affair, people who are getting laid have the Wiis. Wii60 is 
  a good way to go. Wait for games to come out on the PS3 then judge it. Also 
  neither the PS3 or the 360 has maimed Paul's hand, but he does like the Wii.

Q: What games have you lost your souls to? (limit 2)


  Bill: GoldenEye, Final Fantasy Tactics, Baldur's Gate 2, Heroes of Might and
  Magic (pretty well all of them), DotA
  Morgan: GoldenEye, Final Fantasy 6, Smash Brothers, Chrono Trigger, Heroes, 
  Minesweeper, Civ 2, Tony Hawk 2
  Paul: Escape Velocity, Prince of Persia
  Jer: Escape Velocity, Chrono Trigger and Castlevania Symphony of the Night 
  (Beaten approximately 12 times)
  Graham: Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross, Tony Hawk 2, Riven, Legacy of Time,
  Journeyman Project 3, Escape Velocity Nova
  Bill and Morgan: Art of Fighting all the time for 6 months
  Matt: Final Fantasy 11, almost WoW, GoldenEye, Smash Brothers, Super Metroid
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