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commodoreHUSTLE logo

Format: Ongoing Situation Comedy
Created By: LoadingReadyRun
Status: Active
Updates: First Monday of the Month (Season 1), Mondays (Sporatic) (Seasons 2 - Present)
Host: (October 2008-July 2009), Youtube (February 2009-October 2009, November-December 2009), (April 2010 - Present)
Original Run: October 20, 2008 - Present
Associated Shows: LoadingReadyRun (spin-off)

"commodoreHUSTLE" is the proper title of this article. The first letter is capitalized because of a technical limitation.

commodoreHUSTLE is a subseries of videos from LRR. It establishes a specific continuity and canon for the self-described "us playing us" videos in the vein of Format War and All The Little People. HUSTLE acts as a kind of "Marvel Ultimate Universe" analogue to any established canon; the writing draws at will from any past videos, but no aspect of LRR canon applies to HUSTLE until a HUSTLE video references it.

The first season of commodoreHUSTLE videos were much longer than the regular weekly updates (excluding An Interview with Uwe Boll). The first season updated on the first Monday of each month (though Episode 3 was late because of Desert Bus 2. Successive seasons have updated less regularly, and with episodes


commodoreHUSTLE had its own website at for new converts courtesy of the series, but who weren't familiar with LoadingReadyRun. The above URL now redirects directly to the LoadingReadyRun homepage.