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The eighth episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: April 7, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Ian Horner, Ben Ulmer

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: You asked us questions, so Paul, Ian and Ben sat down to answer them. There was lots to talk about technology wise, a couple beard related questions, and a little talk about cheesy 80's music.


Paul behind the scenes

MrTwansel asks: Paul, I'm curious, what do you do behind the scenes?

  • Paul: Boring administrative stuff, stream overlays, technical setup that makes sense to everyone.
  • Ian: At least a few of us have streaming setups modeled on what's set up here.
  • Ben: You also make all of the widgets, e.g. the Card Reader, the Coin Flipping app.

Worst technical issue

Samuraitiger19 asks: What was the worst technical issue that yyou have encountered in your many years of doing this?

  • Paul: Getting the editing part of The Crapshoot working.
  • Ian: Trying to adapt old technologies to stream.
  • Ben: Moving from a stage lighting to a stream lighting perspective.

Cheesy 80's songs

Drummi asks: What is your favorite cheesy 80's song?

Beards, beards, beards

Eric Choinière asks: As someone with not much facial hair: when did you all grow out your beard for the first time?

  • Paul: Immediately after high school.
  • Ian: During a vacation to Thailand while teaching in Japan.
  • Ben: As soon as I could grow a full beard.

Moving from Alberta to Victoria

Thomas Hederman asks: Ian and Ben, was there any strange adjustments when you moved from Alberta to Victoria?

  • Ian: Terminology, e.g. 'Strata' v 'Condo board'. Visited Vancouver less.
  • Ben: A lot more water outside. How close everything is in Victoria. A very different climate.

Childhood computers

Pär Moberg asks: I can deduce that the Commodore 64 was a big part of the childhood of Paul and Graham, hence LRR; so Ben, Ian (and Paul) which computer or computers are childhood for you?

  • Paul: Macintosh Plus.
  • Ian: Macintosh LC520.
  • Ben: Something in the same realm as Ian, but Windows 95.

Incompatible technology

grennysohail asks: What is one technology that you want to incorporate into LRR but cannot due to restraints?

  • Paul: A centralized production booth for all the studios.
  • Ian: Computer controlled cameras. Changed to the 360° LED screens like was used in the filming of The Mandalorian.
  • Ben: Robotic lighting.

Paul's lack of social media

Pinball Witch asks: Paul, is there any particular reason you don't use social media?

  • Paul: I don't have anything in particular I want to tell everyone all the time and I see a lot of the downside.

Beard dye color

nooDy093 asks: If you had to dye your beard, what color would you choose (that isn't your natural beard color)?

  • Paul: Black-light responsive.
  • Ian: Shock white. If I'm dyeing this beard, I'm going full wizard.
  • Ben: Glow-in-the-dark.
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