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Ever want to ask LRR a question on the podcast but are scared of being ridiculed? Maybe they have answered what you want to know and if they have you'll find it here. This is a comprehensive list of every AskLRR question from every LRRcast as well as the answer. Entries are listed by LRRcast.

List of AskLRR Related LRRcasts

Season 5

September 28th 2008: Rapidfire II - 02 AskLRR

September 20th 2008: Easy Bake Spore AskLRR

September 13th 2008: Rapidfire II - 01 AskLRR

September 08th 2008: All the Little People AskLRR

September 03rd 2008: 'Movie' Movies Movie AskLRR

August 23rd 2008: A Little TOO Human AskLRR

August 14th 2008: Ways to get a Ticket AskLRR

August 07th 2008: Skeletors Dick AskLRR

July 31st 2008: Emergency Situation AskLRR

July 25th 2008: Geometry Wars 2: Developer Spotlight AskLRR

July 19th 2008: Return of the Bill AskLRR

July 10th 2008: Right to the Source AskLRR

July 03rd 2008: National Anthema AskLRR

June 26th 2008: A Sacred Duty AskLRR

June 21st 2008: Sick Day AskLRR

June 12th 2008: Metal Gear Solid 4 Boss Auditions AskLRR

June 05th 2008: Inside DnD 4th Edition AskLRR

May 28th 2008: An Interview with Uwe Boll AskLRR

May 22nd 2008: Bagel Time AskLRR

May 15th 2008: Son of a Bitch AskLRR

May 09th 2008: First Draft Iron Man Trailer AskLRR

May 01st 2008: GTA IV Trailer AskLRR

April 25th 2008: Uwe Boll: Decision 2008 AskLRR

April 18th 2008: Deeply Religious AskLRR

April 10th 2008: Customer Servicing AskLRR

April 3rd, 2008: Unnatural Resources AskLRR

March 27th, 2008: Assessment AskLRR

March 20th, 2008: Format War AskLRR

March 13th, 2008: Fun with Microwaves AskLLR

March 6th, 2008: Assorted Anonymous AskLLR

February 27th, 2008: The Con AskLRR

February 22nd, 2008: Ways to Keep Warm AskLRR

February 14th, 2008: Failure AskLRR

February 7th, 2008: Bandwidth Exceeded AskLRR

January 30th, 2008: Max Effect AskLRR

January 24th, 2008: High Noon AskLRR

January 16th, 2008: The Writers Room AskLRR

January 10th, 2008: Moving Out AskLRR

January 2nd, 2008: WGA, No Way! AskLRR

December 26th, 2007: The 2007 Christmas Special AskLRR

December 20th, 2007: Lockout AskLRR

December 13th, 2007: The Photoshop Wizard AskLRR

December 5th, 2007: The Stages & LRReview AskLRR

November 22th, 2007: Ways to Ruin a Job Interview AskLRR

November 16th, 2007: The Truce AskLRR

November 8th, 2007: CSI- CSI AskLRR

October 31st, 2007: Trick or DOOM AskLRR

October 25th, 2007: Ballad of the Fanyboy AskLRR

Season 4

October 18th, 2007: The Season 4 Finale AskLRR

October 10th, 2007: Bump in the Night AskLRR

October 3rd, 2007: The Divorce AskLRR

September 26th, 2007: Halo: The Future of Gaming AskLRR

September 20th, 2007: Pull Yourself Together AskLRR

September 12th, 2007: The Secret Life of Toast AskLRR

September 5th, 2007: Bioshocked AskLRR

August 30th, 2007: Keytars AskLRR

August 22nd, 2007: Somebody Has to Change AskLRR

August 15th, 2007: Rebellin' AskLRR

August 9th, 2007: The Last 3 Weeks AskLRR

July 18th, 2007: Ways to Keep Cool AskLRR

July 12th, 2007: It's Very Simple AskLRR

July 4th, 2007: A Part of our Heritage AskLRR

June 28th, 2007: Gorgeous AskLRR

June 21st, 2007: iPhone Alternative AskLRR

June 13th, 2007: Morgan's Problem AskLRR

June 8th, 2007: Stuck in a car with your friends. AskLRR

May 23rd, 2007: Pillow Fight '07 AskLRR

May 17th, 2007: Slacking For Gold AskLRR

May 11th, 2007: Daylight Savings AskLRR

May 2nd, 2007: Eyewitness Accounts AskLRR

April 25th, 2007: Ways To Hide A Body AskLRR

April 18th, 2007: Installation Anxiety AskLRR

April 12th, 2007: The Deal AskLRR

April 5th, 2007: Xavier AskLRR

March 30th, 2007: Down With The Sickness AskLRR

March 22nd, 2007: 2007 LoadingReadyRun Awards AskLRR

March 14th, 2007: Brain Transplants Made Easy AskLRR

March 7th, 2007: Kei-kon 2007 Cosplay AskLRR

February 28th, 2007: Dinosaur AskLRR

February 22nd, 2007: Ways To Abuse Shaolin AskLRR

February 14th, 2007: Overdue AskLRR

February 7th, 2007: D-Fer Madness AskLRR

February 2nd, 2007: Road Trip Time! AskLRR

January 24th, 2007: Toilet Hypochondriac AskLRR

January 17th, 2007: Morning...Or Week After AskLRR

January 4th, 2007: The Last Couple Videos :P AskLRR

December 21st, 2006: Is Paul's Boyfriend Cheating? AskLRR

December 15th, 2006: EZ Industries AskLRR