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Entries are listed by under the LRRcast they came from with the newest podcasts at the top.

December 15th, 2006: EZ Industries

Q: What are your middle names?

A: Graham "Stuart-Rupert" Stark Bill William Watt

   Jeremy "Micheal" Petter          Matt "James"
   Paul "Joseph" Saunders           Morgan "James"
   James "Anthony" Turner           Allen "James"

Q: Who was your first grade teacher?

A: Graham: Mrs. Jennings Bill: Doesn't remember but she was like 70, and he broke his nose in grade 1

  Jer: Mrs. Semple           
  Paul: Madam Toma          
  James: Sister Illene

Q: How old is each person in the LRR Cast? (As of December 2006)

A: Graham: 22 Jer: 23 Bill: 23 Kathleen: 25

  Paul: 23      James: 23       Morgan: 23 

Q: How much longer will the original cast members LRR live close to continue to appear in videos?

A: The only person in the perceivable future is Matt. he might be moving to Vancouver, but the rest should be stuck at the University of Victoria for a while.

Q: What are your personal favorite videos?

   --- I might have screwed up James and Jer, sorry ---

A: Bill: Tennis- Graham throwing a tennis ball at James' nuts. (One of the original 4)

  James : 30 Minutes or Less, Those Games We Played, The Professor's Funhouse
  Graham: Pimp my chair, door to door, Christmas Caroling on Halloween
  Jer : Pimp my Chair, Christmas Caroling on Halloween, Suspend Your Disbelief
  Paul: Who Watches Movies?, Pachinima
  Random: Quantum Documentary, Hell's Kitchen, Serious Cravings, Small Time (1+2), The Raps, VIETNAM

Q: Is Morgan Actually gay?

A: No....

Q: How long does LRR plan to keep making videos?

A: How long do you plan to keep watching? We'll go until we stop... If it stops becoming fun and starts becoming work we don't like then we will, obviously, stop.

Q: If the site popularity continues to increase what changes will we see?

A: A larger bandwidth budget. (Our goal is to sell out) If we can get paid and continue to keep doing what we're doing then we will keep doing it. We plan to not shove huge ads down your throat, we might put up something we support and we will make sure it's something we can live with as much as everyone else. We will not design a site that is annoying for us to go to.

  If popularity continues to a point where we can put aside reality to do this then production value will increase, the amount of updates may also increase.

Q: Whatever happened with the game reviewing gig?

A: We graduated from high school. We're still shooting them and the site that is hosting them will go live in January.

Q: Is Paul's hand ok?

A: Sort of, on the Wii launch day by partially severing the tendon in the middle finger of my right hand. (I smashed it into a lamp while playing Wii)For two weeks it was in a cast, now that's off and it's now in a splint for three weeks. This has limited my video game play and decreased my productivity at work.

Q: Why is Bill so tall?

A: Gamma Rays!

Q: What happened to LoadingReadyLabs?

A: Gamma Rays, or the same thing that's happened to X ways to Y, we just haven't done one for while. Often ideas can fit into either a LRL or X ways to Y category. You could consider How to Talk like a Pirate a LoadingReadyLabs video, cause that's basically what it is.

Q: WHen is the Klingon video coming out?

A: Not soon, we don't actually know Klingon. Although Morgan does have a copy of the Klingon-English dictionary, as does Matt. The whole idea of the series was that it was new, and we can't really reuse the joke.

Q: Why isn't Ash in any movies or making any comics?

A: Because she's super busy, she doesn't have access to a scanner to upload comics. She has different friends and is very busy.

Q: Is Graham still going to UVic?

A: I have one class this semester because I have a full time job doing video, and I will stay there as long as they will pay me, because it is a start up company and I want to make money, making video, while the opportunity is available. Haven't graduated yet.

Q: What do/did the LRR crew take in postsecondary?

A: Graham will have a degree in visual arts, focusing in film and video with a minor in film studies (useless, Kathleen will have a joint major in political science international studies. (James)? English studies with a minor in religious studies. Paul has been out of school for several years but has a diploma in information technology and applied systems with a specialization in digital media technology. (Jer?) has been in and out of school usually taking general studies in history. Bill is doing psychology and philosohpy, Morgan is doing psychology and business (Both not in school) Matt is almost done his degree in psychology and is then getting a business degree.

Q: No seriously, is The Whatever Thing on a variable schedule so the site can reap the benefits of variable reinforcement?

A: Now, if by variable schedule you mean on the other end of the week to the normal video then yes. If by variable schedule you mean by not on the same day every week so that you have to come back every day looking for it you can blame Morgan, 100% Morgan. He's lazy. It was originally named centered around Monday but, thankfully we changed the name so that it wasn't tied to one day.

Q: Are you guys close to having enough money to purchase a boom mike?

A: We have the money, doesn't carry it. won't ship it to Canada and Ebay requires a confirmed address which I don't know how to do. So soon, really soon.

Q: What topics and subjects will always be off limits for LRR's videos?

A: Water sports, people peeing on each other, prawn. Any normal thing you wouln't want to do, at least seriously. But anything is fair game to make fun of. Anything that makes us uncomfortable (male frontal nudity) will probably never show up. It's the difference between offensive comedy and doing something offensive. We don't fo mean stuff to innocent people. We don't do shock humor because it's not the feel we want for our site.

Q: Does the crew have any plans for a big video spectacular? About an hour long?

A: No, it could happen, but not in the near future.

Q: What's the most difficult video you have shot and why?

A: I'd say the The LoadingReadyRumblebecause it was time consuming, it was shot for 1 hour a day for basically a week, working in the last hour of light after work. Those Games We Played was also difficult as it involved lots of different nighttime shots but the shooting went smoothly. It was also harder because it followed the rumble.

Q: Were you all High School drama kids?

A: Graham was a bit. He was a techy turned actor. Jer had a small amount of Drama experience in High School and a bit in elementary school but he was not one of those people hanging outside the theatre all the time in our little cliche. We were friends with the techies. Paul and Graham were the heads of the Video club for their respective schools. Paul was in choir in Middle School and sang backup for David Foster and Celine Dion. Bill and Jer and Paul were in band. Bill had one line in an elementary school play, and Paul was a munchkin in elementary school.

Q: when will season 3 DVD's be available?

A: We're having some trouble with them, we ran out of stock of season 1+2 and are trying to change distributers, but things have gotten lost and we're hoping they'll be out by the end of the year.

Q: What did you guys do in everyday life and movie making before LRR was made.

A: Post secondary school/work. We didn't do alot of things, we played video games... as we do now and for the rest, we can't really remember. Hung out, watched tv?

Q: Shouldn't this thread be in the Lrrcast Board?

A: Yes and it will be soon.

Q: What is the music that accompanies the X Ways to Y video?

A: Bill and Morgan and I (Graham) were over at my house and Morgan was searching for music online, because he didn't have his own computer at that point. He was using Limewire on my computer trying to find random music so he was listening to Bill and I talk and using keywords from that to search for music. So Bill said "Fap, fap, fap" and Morgan typed that in and got one result that was Fape Un Petite Batmonte, which I've recently found out is a ballet move and that music, I believe, is from a CD of random Ballet practice music. And we'll hopefully never get sued for it.

Q: Are you always that funny or are there times where you have to work hard on that?

A: We're pretty where always that funny, next. We have had writers block, but when we get an idea it usually all falls into place. The LRRcast is like us in real life.

Q: A few podcasts ago you were talking about old Lucas Arts games, "Full Throttle" in particular, did any of you ever play "The Dig"? I grew up playing graphic adventures and I would say this is the best from the golden era.

A: Paul: Interesting, when I finished playing "Full Throttle" I was looking for other ones to play and "The Digg" actually came up. The I read a bunch of reviews that said it was poopy, so i was like "Ahh I don't want to play that". So maybe I'll have to check that out.

  And no one else had played it either.

Q: What happened to the outline door from The Bet

A: That was a post effect. We used photoshop to combine a picture of the door open, closed and with me in it. Then I combined the pictures together.