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Occasionally, the LoadingReadyRun intro to the weekly video is altered to suit the to suit the video's theme. There has not been a video with a non-standard intro since LoadingReadyRun's move to the Escapist.

  • Who Watches Movies? has no LRR intro at all. There is a title card at the end that says "loadingreadyrun.com."
  • Vietnam - The LRR logo is black and white and the intro music is replaced with chiptune strings.
  • 2003 Holiday Special - The dots of the LRR logo are colored like Christmas lights, the circle is red like a bulb ornament, and the arrow is a sideways Christmas Tree. The theme music is a popular rendition of Sleigh Ride.
  • 42 - The LRR logo is printed in liquid crystal-style ASCII.
  • The LoadingReadyRap, Field Guide to Homo Mortuus, The Process and pwn'd all had a different C64 theme. The original theme returned starting with Celestial Sea: Episode 1, but the faster intro was kept.
    • In addition, Field Guide to Homo Mortuus's LRR logo was carved into a pumpkin.
    • The LRR logo for pwn'd is white on red with a jagged black border.
  • 2004 Holiday Special - The LRR logo is comprised of Christmas ornaments and the background resembles the branches of a Christmas tree.
  • Extreme Battle Challenge - The LRR logo is cut off at the very end by the Exim Works logo and a thunderclap.
  • At Least You're Not Dead - Andy played the intro music on the piano.
  • Superman and the Concentrated Light Ray - Instead of the normal LoadingReadyRun theme, a snippet of the Superman cartoon theme plays.
  • Pachinima - The large circle appears slightly pixelly. Once the arrow "clicks," the circle moves to the left, "eating" the three "dots" as the music from Pac-Man plays.
  • Halo: The Future of Gaming - The horizontal bars and slight shake throughout the video is also applied to the logo.
  • The Photoshop Wizard - The LRR logo is black and is displayed in a transparent Photoshop image window.
  • It's a Wonderful Game - The LRR logo is in black and white.
  • The 2007 Christmas Special - The LRR logo is green on dark red with ribbons accentuating the border between the two.
  • High Noon - The logo is given a rich sepia tone.
  • Green Noon - Not a weekly video, but the LRR logo is superimposed over a greenscreen.
  • Customer Servicing - The intro crashes while being played on Graham's phone.
  • Mercenary Solutions - The logo has a camouflage pattern. The two sequels used the standard logo.
  • Save Our Games - There is no LRR logo on this video at all.
  • Green Job - Not a weekly video, but the LRR logo is green and superimposed over a greenscreen.
  • Murdercide - Following the standard intro, there's a grungy version of the logo suspended in air over a foggy field with uncut grass.