Ways to Drink Coke

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Some of the many ways to drink Coke

Vital Statistics

Ways to Drink Coke

Date: December 5, 2003

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Graham Stark, James Turner, Bill Watt, Ben Wilkinson, Paul Saunders and Heather ?

Editing: Graham Stark

Music: X ways to Y

Location: Graham's Parents' House


To drink Coke you may: have a cokesicle; be a connoisseur; use psychic powers; be a mad scientist and use a series of straws; the classic - drink it from a glass coke bottle in a coke glass; drink it out of bowl on the floor like a dog; balance the can on its edge; do big shots; spray it like a winning racecar driver; drink it out of a paper bag like a hobo; the Sam Raimi; the Freudian shower; play Russian roulette; no really don't;


  • While the drinking straw contraption in the video did work, it was later perfected by Bill.
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