Ways to Close the Deal

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Sometimes the client needs a little encouraging.

Vital Statistics

Scare Tactics: Somehow It Works

Date: February 21, 2011

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Nathan Mosher, Andrew Cownden, Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Alex Steacy, Paul Saunders (uncredited)

Writing: Nathan Mosher

Camera: Graham Stark

Editing: Graham Stark


There are many ways to get your client to agree to a deal, all of which are great... provided that you aren't the client.... They include customer service; excellent customer service; being forceful; being force-ful; hypnosis; blackmail; emotional blackmail; taking hostages; scare tactics; making an offer you can't refuse; good cop, bad cop; Science! and the Sam Raimi.


  • This is Nate's first writing credit for LRR
  • Paul is uncredited for his appearance in this video
  • Spot the Dog appears on Nate's desk in almost every shot, including the above screenshot.
  • Kathleen would be kidnapped again later the same year in Ransom.
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