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Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer

The Whole Story is an ongoing series of Weekly LRR Updates that began in 2011. It stars Paul as Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer, a documentarian who provides the absurd, entirely fictional historical background behind an otherwise well-known object. His monologues are punctuated by original art, provided variously by Derek Hand or LeeLee Scaldaferri.

Nigel's insights are bizarre, but there are patterns to the misinformation he provides. The inventions in question are invariably traced impossibly far backwards in history (such as Desert Bus originating in Ancient Egypt) and he will sometimes make casual mention of a much more advanced piece of technology that allegedly existed at the same time (e.g. Plasma televisions in the Middle Ages). As of yet, it is not clear whether Nigel is willfully misleading, or simply a bit dim. Alternatively, he may live in a universe where everything he says is accurate.

Paul begins writing a Whole Story monologue by actually researching the topic at hand, picking out some kernels of truth, then burying those kernels in blatant misinformation.

Forumite nicholasmc1 created this timeline of history according to The Whole Story.

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