The Professor's Funhouse

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Offline.jpg This video is not available on the LRR site. Some videos are permanently offline like most of Season 1, where some copywritten music prevents it from being posted. Some videos go offline when video hosts change or go down.
This video is currently only available on Youtube

A look back at the show that shaped children's television for decades.

Vital Statistics


Date: April 15, 2005

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Gibb and friends

Voices: Graham Stark

Writing: Graham Stark

Editing: Graham Stark


A documentary about a fictional children's television show staffed entirely by puppets. Not just starring puppets, staffed.


  • This video won the 2005 UVic Student Film Fest Award for Best Script.
  • Gibb makes an appearance on LRR as "Martin the Monkey". (He's actually a yeti.)
  • This video was originally shot in August 2004 and included on the Season One DVD as an unaired video. After winning the Best Writing award in 2005 the video was shown on the site.
  • Graham played Stanley.
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