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For our Season 3 finale we present an epic showdown with more fan-service than we're probably allowed.

Vital Statistics

The LoadingReadyRumble

Date: October 13, 2006

Category: Other

Appearing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter, Morgan vanHumbeck, Gibb, Matt Wiggins, Bill Watt, James Turner

Writing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Camera: LoadingReadyRun

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Pixpo Head Office, Graham's Bedroom, Cattle Point, Uplands Park

Special Thanks To: Kwiksilva, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Savidan


An evil madman and his henchman have kidnapped characters from LoadingReadyRun's past, marooned them on an isolated island, and implanted explosive devices in their brains. If they don't fight to the death, they'll die!

The cast of characters includes:


  • This video contains all of the main cast. And Gibb. It is the first LRR video to do so (Nanaimo Road Trip had all of the human main cast).
    • As of the beginning of the fourth season, Kathleen was part of the full cast, so the preceding trivia point is accurate no longer.
  • The LoadingReadyRumble has twenty-five characters and took four days to shoot.
  • Graham plays the most characters with seven (eight including Gibb). Paul, Morgan and Jeremy played four, Bill played three, James played two and Matt played one.
  • The basic concept for this video originated with Kwiksilva, a fan on the LoadingReadyRun messageboards, who suggested a parody of Battle Royale right after watching that movie for the first time.
    • In the movie, a class of students is put on an island and told to kill each other until there is only one remaining.
    • The pot lid, which Graham says "Reminds (him) of something", is a reference to Battle Royale wherein the eventual victor of the movie used a pot lid as his randomly assigned weapon.
  • The LoadingReadyRumble premiered on Friday the 13th.
  • The note found on the body of Evil Inc.'s leader is a reference to a LoadingReadyLIVE! sketch.
  • There are a few minor continuity glitches.
    • Paul's watch is on his wrist when he and Graham enter the secret hideout, absent when checking the bodies, then present again when they exit.
    • When Graham and Paul wake up on the beach, boxes of equipment can be seen in the background, then vanish in the next shot.
  • Because of the complexity of shooting and the need to avoiding having two characters played by the same actor dueling together, this was the first LRR video to be storyboarded.
    • At no time do two characters played by the same person come into direct conflict. When the Holiday Thought Police fight with Canadaman and Jacques François, Graham's characters fight only with Paul's.
      • In the wide shot, Jeremy and Morgan are standing in as the Holiday Thought Police.
    • There are three exceptions to this rule: The Hampire and The Guy Who Is Super are both played by James, Bo Jangles and Ice Tray are both played by Morgan, and Quentin Jones and G*Star are both played by Graham.
  • For a second after the PC is killed with the pot lid, two unidentifiable people are seen walking in the background.
  • For some reason, Evil Inc. has something against Edward James Olmos.
  • The aftermath of Matt being hit with the pot lid can be seen at 19:53 in Loading Time - Doctors Hate Her.
  • The Axe used by Matt in this video as made by James with a WoW item creator:


The deaths, in sequence:

In the end, the PC made the most kills, and Mr Tiddlywinks, Ted, the Guy Who is Super, Jangles, G*Star, Jones and Graham are tied for the fewest kills.

  • The PC killed at least two of the other cast members' characters, except for James. (three for Graham if we're counting Gibb)
  • Furthermore, there have been two instances where one of Bill's characters killed one of Jer's characters.
  • Also, there were three moments when one cast member's character killed another of his own character.
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