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Lyrics for The LoadingReadyRap

This is the remix

Ice Tray, ya'll

in the house!
Season 2!
Commodore 64 was revolutionary,
so many games it was almost excruciating.
Pitfall, Poker, Spy Hunter, and Pong,
and even a bootleg of Donkey Kong.

I had one for years, now, and it was a dream,
but turn it on today, and what do I see?
It didn't have no text, not in white or green;
instead all I could see was a blank blue screen!

W-T-F, I thought, and it was a fright.
I knew that this would lead to a sleepless night.
But I didn't give up to go and take that nap,
instead I stood and fixed it with the
To use the rap solution I would need my bros,
so I picked up the telephone and called in Mo.

'What the hell you on about?', I asked him straight.
'My Commodore!' 'What, you say it's being irate?'

Thiry-eight thousand, nine hundred eleven
basic bytes dead, and on its way up to Heaven.

'Don't you worry, homes, and don't you be a knob,
cause Morgan's on his way, and he's on the job!'

So now that we're together, we can fix this thing;
we're 64 karats of pure bling-bling.
'Cause we're not stupid, and we don't take crap,
and now we're gonna fix it with the LoadingReadyRap!
We knew to finish up that we'd need one more thing,
the city's own trash talkin' beat verse king,
who chimes with rhymes of the kind that reach climbs,
that it might be a crime to resign in his time
to go.

I'm forward in verse, I swear!
We picked up the phone, and called in
'What's going on, boys?', I asked with curiosity.
'You won't believe it', 'it's quite the monstrosity!'

The Commodore's busted? Well don't you fear;
you be doin' fine if that's a beat I hear.

Well, head on over, and we'll fix it in a snap.
We'll put this bug to bed, with the LoadingReadyRap!
Finally together, now we're ready for action.
Fixin' up computers while we mix beat traction.
'Cause my system's been reliable since 1983,
and we'll use this rap to take it back to 2013.

So hey there, Mr. C, what ails your hard disk?
I've checked the codes and plugins, but I can't find the glitch!
Yo, G, somethin's up, so get off the floor.
Don't just gawk at him, look at the C-six-four!

You know you guys, you need to find a better M-O;
it takes me time to boot up, cause I'm old and slow.
Your rap just helped to pass the time as I got ready,
to rap with style to make even your mom unsteady.

Yahoo, we fixed it! Yeah, we are the man!
The rap solution worked for our sweet beat clan.
And since your rhymes did help to make my circuits go zap,
I'll help you bring it home with the

Transcribed by Mistyladybug