The Ghost of David Jaffe

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Do imaginary friends make the best business partners? Only David Jaffe knows.

Vital Statistics

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Date: September 30, 2013

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Audio: RinceRhode, Reader in Slood Dynamics

Editing: Kathleen De Vere

Music: Bradley Rains

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


David Jaffe has stopped making games and started hunting ghosts.


  • The Xbox One is not designed to rest vertically.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns looks as nonsensical as any other Final Fantasy XIII.
  • The British Ordnance Survey has released a Minecraft map of Great Britain.
  • A rendering tool developed by LucasArts may see new life in moviemaking.
  • David Jaffe has started a ghost hunting agency with the help of a man who doesn't exist.

Coming Up

BlackBerry is refocusing on business and canceling its games porting initiatives. I'm sure this affects someone, somewhere.


Graham calculates that if everyone who bought GTAV donated ten cents to the LRR kickstarter, it would earn $1.6 million.

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