The Crazy One

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Some people will go to any lengths to be in Reality TV.

Vital Statistics


Date: October 8, 2012

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Cameron Lauder, Paul Saunders with Dan Emmons, Alasdair Howe, Jeremy Petter, Ian Jacek, Kate Stark, Sol Kauffman, Nelson Salahub, Graham Stark

Writing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere

Camera: James Turner, Paul Saunders

Boom: Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders, Alex Steacy

Editing: Graham Stark


Third audition for 'the crazy one' on a reality television show where ten men vie for the attention of one women while learning to operate a steam locomotive.


  • The posters behind Kathleen's character are for 'So You Want to Marry An Axe Murderer', 'America's Next Top Guinea Pig', and 'Fill This Man with Cream!'.
  • Fill This Man with Cream would become a meme at Desert Bus for Hope 6
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