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Natalia Heilke Petter
Natalia Heilke Petter
Tally's About Page Picture
Date of Birth: March 20, 1985
Family: mother, father, younger brother, Jeremy Petter (husband)
Duties: Actor, Writer, Crafter
First Appearance: Those Games We Played
Last Appearance: Loading Time Digest - November 2016
Recurring Characters: Dr. Laura Holly
Website: TallysTreasury.com
Twitter: @TallysTreasury

Natalia "Tally" Heilke Petter is Jer's wife. Born in Canada, she grew up in Kansas, traveled around Europe (including France, where she worked as a nanny) before settling in Victoria to pursue her higher (as Tally puts it "more North") education. She has a BA in creative writing from the University of Victoria.

Tally has appeared in Jer's viral videos as the eponymous girlfriend of My Girlfriend Games. She has often stated her profound dislike for Resident Evil games and has, on occasion, offered in podcasts to give all of Jer's copies away. This characteristic showed up in commodoreHUSTLE, when she microwaved Jer's copy of Resident Evil 5 and declared him a racist for slaughtering African villagers.

Tally is the go-to craftmaker of the crew, fashioning crafts for LRR projects (such as the backdrops for Pathfinder) or for her blog, Tally's Teasury. She created the thirty Creepy Dolls that sold out of the LRR store in a few hours, and the giant Creepy Doll that served as the climax for Santa Secrets.

Tally got engaged to Jer shortly after Desert Bus for Hope 6. They wed on Sunday, June 23, 2013.

Tally surrounded by creepy dolls.


The following is a list of crafted items Tally has made that have appeared in LoadingReadyRun videos:


  • Her surname is commonly misspelled "Heikle."
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