Smoking Carrots in New Zealand

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Just one of the many exciting new uses for prison carrots.

Vital Statistics


Date: June 8, 2011

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Kathleen De Vere, Alex Steacy

Edited by: Graham Stark


  • News Word of the Week: Nørds
  • Bullet proof cement alligators
  • Smoking bans in New Zealand
  • Kathleen calls Paul for 'Paul and Matt Have to Figure Out What Graham is Talking About'
  • Thai turtle smuggling
  • Kathleen Political Fact of the Week: Bhat is the currency of Thailand
  • Public Facebook party
  • Avoiding drink driving charges


  • This episode has a Feed Dump Rejected that can be found on the LRR site, here.


Hatistics made their debut after this episode. Courtesy of JackSlack the shots were analysed and the following data became evident. Hats and Prescription eyewear were on the rise, the Hatless category fell, while wigs and Other Eyewear remained low.

Shots with Hats: 44.59%.

Shots with Wigs: 0.00%.

Shots with Prescription Eyewear: 56.76%.

Shots with Other Eyewear: 5.41%.

Shots with Hatless: 32.43%.


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