Small Time Thieves

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The Small Time Thieves

The Small Time Thieves are the main characters featured in Small Time, a Season Three weekly update. Bill and Morgan play thieves named Bill and Morgan. They aspire to pull off great movie-style heists, but they are continually stymied by their limitations. They compromise for smaller and smaller robberies until the spoils of their heist are pitiful or nonexistent (from a vagrant's change to the contents of a lost-and-found box).

Both operate on strange leaps in logic, i.e., a toy laser gun is scarier than a realistic toy gun. Morgan's thief seems to be slightly smarter than Bill's, though he's still alarmed that Bill "loaded" his toy gun. Bill occasionally summons a box of Timbits from Hammerspace. They appeared in the LoadingReadyRumble. Despite their incompetence, their unpredictable and illogical nature helped them best the serial killer who kidnapped them in I SAW What You Did There.


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