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Bill, Morgan, Graham, James, and Derek try to stay awake for 48 hours.

Vital Statistics


Date: June 24, 2005

Category: Sheer Stupidity

Appearing: Jeremy Petter, Graham Stark, Bill Watt, James Turner, Derek Pacheco, Morgan vanHumbeck

Camera: Various

Thanks To: Ash Vickers, Patrick Donison (for putting up with it)

Nearly Special Thanks To: Kate Stark

Location: Ash and Bill's place


Five people decide to stay awake for forty-eight hours, and they're chronicling it all for Sheer Stupidity. At first, the video is shot like a reality-TV show, hosted by Jeremy Michaels, but as the hours pass no one wants to bother. The cast slowly loses their ability to parse grammar, keep track of time, and think intelligibly, although they manage to keep themselves distracted. Morgan even works a scheduled shift at work. Eventually, they're so exhausted that they all pack it up. Bill lasted the longest with a whopping forty-five hours.


  • The theme song of the fictional game show "Insomnia House" is the theme for the Channel 4 (UK) game show "The Crystal Maze".
  • Unusual camera angles may be fun to shoot, but they don't make content any funnier, as LRR concluded after this video.
  • This was all done for science. Bill and Morgan needed to carry out a Psychology project on the effect of sleeplessness on cognitive abilities. Unfortunately, since they needed to stay up too, their ability to test the others rapidly degraded.
  • Derek was the first to give up. James remained awake for forty-one hours, Graham for forty-two.
  • The clock on the wall in Bill's living room is broken.
  • An extended version of this video is on the Season Two DVD
  • During a crew meeting in 2007, a successor to Sleep Dep Experiment was discussed, as was the idea of doing something with Desert Bus from Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors. Paul suggested a Desert Bus marathon for charity, and the rest is history.
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