Skeletor's Dick

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LRR Presents a video for this epic Bag Fries song. It will always find you.

Vital Statistics

Skeletor's Dick

Date: August 4, 2008

Category: Music

Song Performed by: Bag Fries (Geoff Howe, Patrick Donison)

Lyrics & Music: Geoff Howe, Patrick Donison

Lead Vocals: Patrick Donison

Guitar & Backup Vocals: Geoff Howe

Bass & Additional Vocals: Eric Hogg

Drums: Byron Mulcaster

Song Produced by: Chris Whitman

Directed by: Graham Stark

Lighting & Grips: Paul Saunders, James Turner

Camera: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark

Skeletor: Morgan vanHumbeck

Also Appearing: Graham Stark


The horror of seeing roommate Skeletor's penis is immortalized in this epic song.


  • In the original version of the video posted to Revver, Graham appears in a T-shirt ad as a reporter from within a LoadingReadyRun t-shirt. This was removed when the video was reposted to Blip.
  • Morgan (as the hooded Skeletor) is the second person to show his butt in a LoadingReadyRun video, the first being James in the Nanaimo Road Trip.
    • Morgan was not fully nude on set. He did however deliberately expose himself to Pat at one point during filming.
  • Spot the Dog appears on top of the fridge.
  • According to some reports, inspiration for this was the movie Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, where Alan Oppenheimer (voice of Skeletor) appears in a shot with full-frontal nudity.


Shredder had his cameras,
Shredder had his cameras,
In the city, in the city.
You think that's bad?
You think that's bad?
Well I've seen Skeletor's dick!

Flipping side-to-side,
Between his legs and thighs,
It's a mediocre size,
You can see it in his eyes.

See the bone hiding in the darkness,
Traumatized by his small man-ness,
Paralyzed by the terror inside you,
Skeletor's dick will always find you.

Megatron killed Optimus,
Megatron killed Prime,
In a city, in a city.
You think that's bad?
You think that's bad?
Well I've seen Skeletor's dick!

Balls are hanging down,
Scraping on the ground,
It's a horrifying sound,
And your ears begin to pound!

See the bone invading your nightmares,
Suck your soul with its one-eyed stare.
Feel the evil that penetrates you,
Skeletor's dick will always rape you.


Nemesis Enforcer,
Nemesis Enforcer,
In the city, in the city.
You think that's bad?
You think that's bad?
I'll tell you what's bad!
Yeah, I'll tell you what's bad!

You think you've seen dick,
Well you ain't seen dick,
Til you've seen Skeletor's dick!

Lock your doors and hide your women,
Skeletor's dick has come to fill them.
By the glow of the pale moonlight,
Skeletor's dick will rise tonight.

To end the reign of old snake mountain,
The power of Greyskull you can count on.

Nothing can stop its growing power,
Watch it growwwww.
Watch it growwwww.
Watch it growwwww.
Watch it GROWWWWW!
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