Sick Rips

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Sick Rips logo.png
Sick Rips logo

Format: Microshorts
Created By: Alex Steacy, Graham Stark
Status: Active
Updates: Irregular
Original Run: Septmeber 3, 2015, August 1, 2019 - ongoing
Associated Shows: Crapshots (predecessor)

Sick Rips previously existed as a singular pixel-animated video that was the pilot for a series that never came to be for various reasons. They've now decided to adapt the concept into more straightforward "Magic Crapshots."dyRun Youtube channel here.



# Title Appearing Date
6 Comparing Records Heather, James, Ian Cameron August 6
5 Planning in Commander Kathleen, James, Serge August 3
4 Stoneforge Mystic Kathleen (voiceover), Serge (voiceover) August 2
3 Deck Tech Graham August 1
2 The Titans Graham, Cameron (voiceover), Ben (voiceover), Adam (voiceover), James (voiceover), Serge (voiceover), Kathleen (voiceover) July 31


# Title Appearing Date
1 Coat with Venom Graham September 3