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The following is the AskLRR portion of the Rapidfire II - 02 LRRcast.

AskLRR Answers

AzracTheUnstable asks:

  • Have any of you ever tried to trace your family histories? If so, how far back have you gone?
Graham's dad has traced the Starks to Scotland as a fleeing murderer named Sterk. The Saunders' are a sub-clan from Scotland and one
ancestor drove a getaway vehicle. The VanHumbecks were Dutch slave-trading land-barons in the 1400s. Jer's great grandfather created
the Petter Engine and had the first horseless carriage in England. Paul's family crest is elephant heads on a blue background.
Morgan's is two black cocks fighting.

Gray24 asks:

  • Are any of the crew fans of history?
Paul, Graham, and Jer like history. Graham doesn't like finding it, but enjoys being taught it. Paul read ahead so far in his social
studies textbook he had to read back to what he was supposed to be learning when exams came up. Jer put Stalin on trial in school
and got him released. Nate got 100% on prosecuting JFK.

Lyinginbedmon asks:

  • Given that Starcraft and its Brood War expansion have become recognised sports in countries like Korea, what are your hopes for the upcoming Starcraft II?
Graham is looking forward to it, Morgan thinks it will become a recognised sport in countries like Korea, Jer hopes it will run on
his full monitor rather than a small portion thereof.
  • If you had the deciding vote, what game would you make a recognised sport like Starcraft?
Jer: Art of Fighting
Paul: Many games would qualify, he can't decide.
Graham: Halo, so the jerk players will leave him alone.
Morgan: Dota

Evil Jim asks:

  • Trebuchets, your thoughts please
Paul: In favour, better than catapults, despite the strong Washington lobby for catapults
Morgan: Has not seen a catapult prolapse a cow's anus, so in favour of trebuchet.

Telaril asks:

  • How did Desert Bus affect the site's traffic and viewership, both during the event and in the long term?
Not a lot, everyone was watching Desert Bus. Many have stayed to keep watching since then.

MasterKuno asks:

  • It has been mentioned before that a couple of you played Magic in the past. Do any of you continue to play? If not, what has swayed you from playing?
No-one plays anymore since high school. Graham, Paul, and Jer have kept their collections. Paul has Visions completely, Jer & Morgan
also have a full set. Jer has occasionally relapsed and may play the Xbox Live version. Everyone enjoys the artwork more than
  • For you Harry Potter fans, what are your thoughts on Warner Bros. pushing back the 6th film to summer purely for lucrative money making reasons?
Graham has no problem with it if it gets more Harry Potter moves out. Paul has no problem with the movies, he doesn't have time
to read the books.
  • Thoughts on the rumors of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie being cast in the next Batman movie?
All highly doubt it given the big names, believe it's for publicity. Johnny Depp is a possibility though.
  • Did any of you play the original Baldur's Gate series on the PC? Good? Bad? Awesomesauce? Thoughts on the story and lore?
Yes, awesomesauce. The lore is just Forgotten Realms from D&D.
  • Favourite Minsc quote?
Morgan: Midget Giant Space Hamsters
Graham: Same

the amativeness asks:

  • Since 4 of you now have iPhones (as of Emergency Situation podcast), how's the signal and reception at the LRR Orbiting Underground Moonbase?
Pretty good. Better than metropolitan centres in the States apparently.
  • What are your favorite apps?
Graham: Evernote, AirSharing, Tryst
Paul: Same

Maph asks:

  • I've heard that Bill plays Dungeons & Dragons, and was wondering what he does, and has played (characters, settings, editions etc), and what his favourite polyhedron is?
Not there, his favourite polyhedron is d20. Jer is a DM and plays more D&D than all combined, favourite polyhedron is d12.

Hero of Canton asks:

  • Do you guys plan on bringing back Gibb?
Assume so.

Mercenary asks:

  • I cant seem to hear what MMO's you guys are playing really clearly. Sometimes I hear Domo then Dota. What is it exactly?
Dota, not an MMO, a map for Warcraft III.
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