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The Sam Raimi is a camera shot that follows a moving object (such as a bucket of water or a running zombie) at high speeds, creating a first-person point of view from the object. This shot is used on a number of occasions in X ways to Y videos, usually as its own X.

The Sam Raimi in X ways to Y

Explicit Cases

Special Cases

Ways to Abuse Shaolin has no Sam Raimi, but this is the assumed method of how Jer left parts of himself everywhere.

Ways to Keep Warm has no Sam Raimi.

The ending shots of Ways to Hide a Body and Ways to Prepare for PAX, while not labeled as a Sam Raimi, is none-the-less done in the Sam Raimi style.


The Sam Raimi in Ways to Keep Cool apparently took several takes. The Sam Raimi makes a cameo in Now in HD.