Quickbender Must Die

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The ENN office receives a mystery package.

Vital Statistics

Quickbender Must Die

Airdate: May 5, 2010

Accent Word: Kitch

Job Description: Toadstools

Written, Performed and Photoshopped by: Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Paul Saunders, Graham Stark

Appearing: Cherisse Dye, Adam Hancock

Thanks To The Former Investigative Team: Chris Bain, Anders Bredenberg, Drake Campbell, Jeremy Cavanaugh, André Colabelli, Peter Dawson, Andrew Devine, Joseph Eckert, Devin Forman, C G, Calum Grace, Keegan Hampshire, Tegan Harris, Andrew Hayden, Timothy Kreuter, Walker McCleod, Kyle Nichols, Jim Nowlin, Michael Page, Alexander Rodgers, M S, Brooke Saywwich, Alex Scott, Mike Sornberger, Christopher Williams, Steve Willis


  • Bungie-Activision Publishing Deal
  • Microsoft Stops Halo 2 Multiplayer Support
  • Polaroid Makes Game Accessories
  • Falcon Hypersonic Glider Disappears In Test Flight
  • My Wife: A Bride For Only You
  • Brink AI Claims To Pass Turing Test

Feature Story

A mysterious package arrives at ENN. Could it be a publicity stunt?


  • The pictures of the Investigative News Team were solicited from fans on the blog a few weeks before this video's release.
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