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Offline.jpg This video is offline. Some videos are permanently offline like most of Season 1, where some copywritten music prevents it from being posted. Some videos go offline when video hosts change or go down. This category is to help the LRR crew find gaps in the library for posting to Youtube.

Our parody of MTV's punk'd with Morgan as Ashton Kutcher.

Vital Statistics

Morgan gets his revenge

Date: November 12, 2004

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Conor Pommerville

Writing: Graham Stark

Camera: Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Kate Stark

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Graham's Parents' House


In revenge for being cut out of the sketches for The Process, Morgan decides to prank Graham, "Punk'd" style, by having Conor call him and say someone was found dead. The dead body will be Paul and Graham will be progressively humiliated. When Graham appears, Conor acts in an increasingly shocking fashion, doing things such as raiding Paul's corpse for his wallet and suggesting taking his possessions. Eventually Morgan appears and reveals the whole thing is a hoax, except that Paul really is dead, and Conor runs off.


  • Paul is actually under the blanket for this video.
  • According to the commentary for this video on the DVD, Conor running away was ad-libbed.
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