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"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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'Till All Are One +'Till All Are One  +, 'Till All Are One  +


100% Real Pants Juice +100% Real Pants Juice  +, 100% Real Pants Juice  +
11 Centimetres! +11 Centimetres!  +, 11 Centimetres!  +
16 Skulls and a Burning Building +16 Skulls and a Burning Building  +, 16 Skulls and a Burning Building  +


2015 Holidump +2015 Holidump  +, 2015 Holidump  +


420 Baby Boomer Blaze It +420 Baby Boomer Blaze It  +, 420 Baby Boomer Blaze It  +


5 Second Rule +5 Second Rule  +, 5 Second Rule  +


80s Van Gogh Cats +80s Van Gogh Cats  +, 80s Van Gogh Cats  +


A Beautiful Horizon +A Beautiful Horizon  +, A Beautiful Horizon  +
A Butte Man +A Butte Man  +, A Butte Man  +
A Dildo Full of Ashes +A Dildo Full of Ashes  +, A Dildo Full of Ashes  +
A Dumb Guy +A Dumb Guy  +, A Dumb Guy  +
A Frank Exchange of Views +A Frank Exchange of Views  +, A Frank Exchange of Views  +
A Game Full of Spiders +A Game Full of Spiders  +, A Game Full of Spiders  +
A Machine to Scare Badgers +A Machine to Scare Badgers  +, A Machine to Scare Badgers  +
A Man's Succulent Bits +A Man's Succulent Bits  +, A Man's Succulent Bits  +
A Pig Inside a Cow +A Pig Inside a Cow  +, A Pig Inside a Cow  +
A Policeman in your Regina +A Policeman in your Regina  +, A Policeman in your Regina  +
A Rich Head Canon +A Rich Head Canon  +, A Rich Head Canon  +
A Rifle is Forever +A Rifle is Forever  +, A Rifle is Forever  +
A Scarecrow to Nowhere +A Scarecrow to Nowhere  +, A Scarecrow to Nowhere  +
A Serge of Justice +A Serge of Justice  +, A Serge of Justice  +
A Smooth Ride +A Smooth Ride  +, A Smooth Ride  +
A Surprisingly Articulate Butt +A Surprisingly Articulate Butt  +, A Surprisingly Articulate Butt  +
A Thermos of WHAT!? +A Thermos of WHAT!?  +, A Thermos of WHAT!?  +
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