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Now Kiss! is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST/4:30pm GMT on Fridays. It is hosted by Kathleen.

In this show, Kathleen and a rotating special guest host take a look at dating simulators. At the end of each episode, the Twitch audience gets to vote on the game for the following week, Tinder style: Swipe left to try a different game, swipe right to keep playing the current one.

Each episode features a segment where Kathleen checks in with our husbando horsebando in the free mobile dating sim My Horse Prince.

Episode List


Date Title Link
2018-08-17 Coming Out on Top (censored version) [ Link]
It's Friday morning, which means it's time to try and date some cute college boys! Kathleen and Cori are playing Coming Out on Top (censored version) on Now Kiss!
2018-08-10 Heaven Will Be Mine! Ep 2 Link
Now playing Heaven Will Be Mine on Now Kiss!
2018-08-03 Heaven Will Be Mine! Ep 1 Link
Live with Kathleen and Cori playing Heaven Will Be Mine!
2018-07-20 Games + Demos Link
Cori is live with Now Kiss 😘
2018-07-13 John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure!!! Link
Adam and Kathleen are trying to kiss John Cena.
2018-07-06 Dr. Frank's Build-a-boyfriend Link
With Kathleen, Cori and Ben
2018-06-29 Monster Prom Link

2018-06-15 Purrfect Date Ep5 Link

2018-06-01 Purrfect Date Ep4 Link

2018-05-25 Purrfect Date Ep3 Link

2018-05-18 Purrfect Date Ep2 Link

2018-05-11 Purrfect Date Ep1 Link

2018-05-04 Art Games from the museums Link

2018-04-27 The Arcana Ep 2 Link

2018-04-20 The Arcana Ep 1 Link

2018-03-30 Hustle Cat Ep 2 Link

2018-03-23 Hustle Cat Ep 1 Link

2018-03-16 My Secret Pets Ep 2 Link

2018-03-09 My Secret Pets Ep 1 Link

2018-03-02 Speed Dating for Ghosts Link

2018-02-23 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 3 Link

2018-02-16 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 2 Link

2018-02-02 Doki Doki Literature Club Ep 1 Link

2018-01-26 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 3 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-29 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 2 Link

2017-12-22 Ladykiller in a Bind Ep 1 Link

2017-12-01 Dream Daddy Ep 2 Link

2017-11-10 Magical Diary Ep 2 Link

2017-11-03 Magical Diary Ep 1 Link

2017-10-27 PacaPlus Link

2017-10-13 Gakuen Club Ep 2 Link

2017-09-29 Gakuen Club Ep 1 Link

2017-09-22 My Horse Prince [ Link]

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