Monthly Mail Time

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Friendly folks keep sending us cool stuff, so we need some place to open it all and show it to you.
If you'd like to send us something (with *no* promises that it appears on Mail Time) the address is:
Bionic Trousers Media Inc.
PO BOX 8132 Victoria Main
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R8
Title Appearing Date
Monthly Mail Time - July 2017 Graham, James, Beej, Kathleen, Heather and Cameron August 23, 2017
July's post unboxing was a SPICY one!
Monthly Mail Time - June 2017 Graham, Ben, Alex, Paul and Kathleen July 10, 2017
In this month's Mail Time unboxing: people need notebooks, some beer from Germany poses an issue, and candy from Brazil delights Graham.
Monthly Mail Time - May 2017 Graham, Sarah and Kate June 1, 2017
Minnesota is old news, now it's all about Wisconsin, as Graham unboxes this month's mail.
Monthly Mail Time - April 2017 Graham and Ian May 1, 2017
Graham's back to unbox a care package from Minnesota, among other places.
Monthly Mail Time - March 2017 Graham April 18, 2017
Time to unbox the latest batch of wonderful things (and ancient sticks of gum) sent to our PO BOX by you generous people!
Monthly Mail Time - February 2017 Graham March 24, 2017
It's time for the February unboxing of our mail!
Monthly Mail Time - January 2017 Graham February 25, 2017
Join Graham for unboxing the rest of January's goodies! (Only on YouTube)
Monthly Mail Time - Christmas 2016 Bonus Graham, Ben, Ian and Molly February 11, 2017
We had a lot of stuff show up for Christmas!
Monthly Mail Time - December 2016 Graham January 15, 2017
Graham experiences many new hats on this month's post-DB Mail Time!
Monthly Mail Time - November 2016 Graham, Ian, Beej and Heather December 17, 2016
Graham dives into a pile of anime and candy (and bespoke clothing), on this month's post-DB Mail Time!
Monthly Mail Time - October 2016 Graham and Alex November 25, 2016
It was quite a baffling month for Graham in the mail mines, but it all turned out wonderfully.
Monthly Mail Time - September 2016 Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Alex and Penelope October 1, 2016
We got so much cool stuff this month from you, we decided to spin mail time out into its own show!