Matt Gets His Groove

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Matt needs some space. That space is roughly Graham-shaped.

Vital Statistics


Date: December 7, 2009

Category: commodoreHUSTLE

Appearing: Matt Wiggins, Graham Stark, James Turner, Jeremy Petter, Tally Heilke, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Megan Palandri

Writing: Graham Stark

Camera: Paul Saunders, James Turner, Graham Stark

Editing: Graham Stark


Matt decides to take his life in a new direction, giving up his former obsessions and moving out of the apartment he had previously shared with Graham.


  • In the previous podcast, the crew explains that, as announced during Desert Bus 2009, LRR shorts will be hosted on the Escapist Magazine instead of Loadingreadyrun. As a result, they explained, cHUSTLE will be slightly altered, to avoid baffling or intimidating potential fans from the Escapist. This video is the first in the new format.
    • The video's title does not contain "CommodoreHUSTLE".
    • It is much shorter than earlier commodoreHUSTLE videos.
    • Nods to continuity and other fanservice are made approachable (more so than usual).
  • References to past videos include:
    • The cold open is an inversion of the one from Laundry, which was also a season opener.
    • Graham doesn't want to move in with Morgan due to his treatment of kitchenware, depicted in Moving Out.
    • Matt's resentment against Blu-Ray comes from Format War.
    • Matt plans to give Paul his PS3, even though he has one already, mentioning that if he got another he'd have three.
  • Previously, Graham's LRR forum avatar came from this episode: a looping .gif of himself devouring the muffin and rubbing it into his face, with "NOM NOM NOM" crawling past.
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