March 27 2008 AskLRR

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The following is the AskLRR portion of the Assessment LRRcast.

AskLRR Answers

Aero Cmdr asks:

  • Will any of you be getting "Postal 3" now that they announced you can kill Uwe Boll in it?
A unanimous no. Paul was surprised that they would even make the game.
  • Aliens, Predators or Colonial Marines?
Paul says the Aliens were the most fun, with Predators coming in second. Graham agrees.

theINC asks:

  • What is the oldest thing you own?
Graham owns a small piece of a mosaic from Fishbourne Roman Palace. Paul owns a 286 laptop
from Value Village. James has a really old penny.

400vip asks:

  • Have you guys considered putting a link to specific podcasts on the same page as their videos?
That's how it was done originally, but since the crew often talk about multiple videos in
some podcasts, it would just be awkward. So, when upgraded, all the podcasts were

Bob the Magic Camel asks:

  • In the podcast for "Bump In the Night" you mention you enjoy British radio. What shows in particular do you listen to?
Paul listed to "The Goon Show" as a kid. Graham also listened to "The Goon Show," but only
the Christmas special. But for the most part, Graham listened to "Round the Horne" and
"I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again."
  • In British Columbia, is it a crime to kill the Sasquatch?
It can't be illegal, since the Sasquatch's existence is unproven, but if it did, it would
probably be considered big game, and you would therefore need a license (though said
license does not exist).
  • If the crew were to engage in an all vs. all firefight (a fight with fire, you throw it at each other), in what order would you die and how?
It is agreed the the cause of death would be "fire."  Everyone would turn on Matt first,
then James would go for Morgan.

Lavos asks:

  • Who's the best forum member? Besides the obvious me, of course.
No favorites. "You're like our children," says Graham. Except for Lavos.

Vaughn asks:

  • Have you ever fallen asleep in front of a game because you didn't want to stop playing?
Graham hasn't, and no one else seems to have done it either.

Captain Derk asks:

  • What was the last concert/club show you attended and was it any good?
Paul saw "Weird Al" Yankovic. Graham saw Okkervil River and enjoyed it. James will have
seen Foo Fighters.

Elomin Sha asks:

  • What do you think of EA's bid for Take Two before GTA IV's release? Are they eying easy money without doing any work or do they have other motives?
Graham rhetorically asks if they need other motives. "It's business," he says. Graham
would rather not see them taken over.

Evisr asks:

  • By any chance, will you guys do a LRReview of Minesweeper?
No actual answer was given. The guys kind of trailed off.

Grif6898 asks:

  • Since Kathleen might be in this week's podcast, what were your favorite music albums of 2007?
Since Kathleen wasn't there for the podcast, Graham texts her to get an answer. Said
answer: Of Montreal's "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?" James liked Radiohead's
"In Rainbows," Daft Punk's "Alive 2007," Streetlight Manifesto's "Somewhere In Between"
and Matthew Good's "Hospital Music." Ben liked Motion City Soundtrack's "Even If it
Kills Me." Graham names Justice's "Cross" and Daft Punk's "Alive 2007." Paul doesn't
think he bought an album in 2007.

Reversematt asks:

  • What podcasts do you guys listen to? I've listened to LRRcasts an unhealthy amount of times at this point, and I'm open to suggestions.
Jer listens to many podcasts. Some of the podcasts listened to by the crew include 1UP, WoW
Insiders Podcast, Major Nelson, SModcast, Penny Arcade's podcast, CBC Radio 3 Podcast,
The Age of Persuasion and This Week in Tech.

AeroCmdr asks:

  • Whatever happened to the tofu dog food gelatin suspension in "Bill's Revenge?"
It got thrown away. They were originally going to keep it and convince Ash to eat it,
but it got trashed.

Lector asks:

  • What happened to Morgan's arm? It was in a sling during the Cinnamon Iron Stomach Challenge.
He dislocated his shoulder.
  • What do you guys think would be the best odd sport for the Mario series to attempt making a game about (i.e., lacrosse)?
The guys agree that lacrosse isn't really that odd. Paul would like to see Mario Curling.
Water polo and cricket was also suggested. Paul muses that any slow sport would work with
the Mario power-ups.

King Kool asks:

  • If you were going to make a LRR cartoon spinoff starring yourselves at a younger age, would you make the LRR Babies or LRR Kids (like, 6 years old)? Who would be the maternal character whose upper body you'd never see?
Bill's mom would be the mother character. But if a series starring a younger LRR were to
happen, it would be set in high school.
  • What's the saddest song you've ever heard?
It depends for Paul, though he mentions "Hallelujah." James says it depends on the memory
it triggers. He gives the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" as an example, since it's linked to a 
happy memory.
  • Given the option, what pizza topping would you erase from human memory like Mephisto erased Mary Jane from Spiderman's life?
Graham would erase onions. Paul agrees. Ben says shrimp.

Spindizzy asks:

  • Which of these jars you more: the sound a lawnmower makes when it catches a rock inside or the feeling when you're shoveling snow and you hit something solid suddenly?
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