March 22 2009 LRRcast

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Weekly LRRcast. We chat about this weeks video, talk about what we are all playing now and answer your questions.

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Watchmen Watching

Date: March 22, 2009

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, James Turner, Matt Wiggins, Jeremy Petter, Kathleen De Vere, Tim Sevenhuysen, Bill Watt, Raymond Steacy

Runtime: 59:42


The Video, The Fourth Wall and Choose your own Adventure: Hamlet Edition are discussed.

What We're Playing Now

Paul: Ratchet and Clank - Size Matters

Tim: Diablo 2

Bill: Zilch

Matt: Resident Evil 4 in preparation for #5

Jer: Bully, Resident Evil 5

James: COD4

Ray: The Ship

Kathleen: Persona 4, Little Big Planet

Graham: Resident Evil 5


March 22 2009 AskLRR

NXE + E74 error, My First Internet, Video Game Music, Flossing, Governing Factors of Comedy, and The Elevator.


  • The Tonight Show showed the Nunchuck Fail video clip.
  • According to Paul, Sun Tzu is a Douche.
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