Magnum Rewatch Ep14 - Don't Say Goodbye

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Magnum is hired to investigate when someone tries to blackmail his friend Agatha. Graham talks extensively about interesting cinematography and the career of Ted Danson.

Vital Statistics

Date: May 5, 2015

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark

Runtime: 55:04


Episode 15: "Don't Say Goodbye"
Airdate: Mar 26, 1981

Magnum's services are once again called upon by Agatha Kimball after she has been contacted by a blackmailer claiming to have some important information about her granddaughter.


Kathleen's rating

7 "I like this episode." [1]


  1. MR-Ep14-DontSayGoodbye.mp3 @ 52:42 - Kathleen's rating
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