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The Lunar Module is the venue hosting Desert Bus for Hope when that location is not The Moonbase. The name was first used for Desert Bus 8, the first time Desert Bus had been hosted outside of a Moonbase since Desert Bus 1, which was held before LoadingReadyRun moved into their first Moonbase.

Lunar Module Mk I

Host to Desert Bus 8.

This was the first Lunar Module - VIATeC's "Fort Tectoria", in downtown Victoria. This was a recently renovated space, so several rooms could be set aside for Desert Bus.

Due to the popularity of the space, it was not available to use as a Lunar Module the next year.

Lunar Module Mk II

Host to Desert Bus 9.

This was the second Lunar Module - Alacrity Foundation's "The Summit", in downtown Victoria. This was another recently renovated space, but this time with a helicopter in the lobby.

Again this space was only available because it was recently renovated and thus could not host Desert Bus the next year.

Lunar Module Mk III

Host to Desert Bus 10

In contrast to the first two Lunar Modules, this was a recently disused space - an old radio station with a nice brick wall to backdrop the set.

Lunar Module Mk IV

Host to Desert Bus 2018 and Desert Bus 2019.

After a brief return to hosting Desert Bus at The Moonbase, LRR once again returned to a Lunar Module - this time a large (5300 sqft) unused office space in downtown Victoria.

This became the first Lunar Module to host more than one Desert Bus when it hosted Desert Bus 2019, albeit with slightly less space available.

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