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LeeLee Scaldaferri
LeeLee Scaldaferri
Duties: Illustrator, Actor
First Appearance: The Very Best of Room Tone
Last Appearance: Loading Time Digest - October 2016
Twitter: @LaScaldaferri

Elisa "LeeLee" Scaldaferri is a friend of LoadingReadyRun and former Escapist contributor. She writes and draws the comic "Name Game", and works on "Extra Credits". She created the art for the Unskippable "Fire the Lasers of Understanding!" t-shirt, attended Desert Bus for Hope 5, and contributed art for Santa and Me, Game for Fashion, and The Tale of Matt Wiggins (drawn during the aforementioned marathon). When visiting the LRR crew in Victoria, LeeLee makes cameo appearances as a Feed Dump co-host.

LeeLee is a second generation Italian-American from New York, and currently lives in Vancouver. She updates a Tumblr which can be found here.

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