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The Original Moonbase

The Moonbase is LoadingReadyRun's office and studio. It also serves as the offices for Bionic Trousers Media. Three separate offices have been called "the Moonbase", and the building that contained the first two has since been torn down.

In his childhood, Graham was a fan of Space: 1999 a British 1970s TV series in which a colony called "Moonbase Alpha" hurtles aimlessly through space. In early LRRcasts, he and Paul began referring to the office as the "Secret Orbiting Underground Bunker", a name which they enjoyed due to the absurd image of a base that is both in orbit and underground. The title was eventually shortened to "Moonbase", and upon moving to their new location the terminology "mark X" (commonly used in military technology) was adapted to differentiate between Moonbases.

Graham's Tumblr is called Moonbase Alpha.

Moonbase Mk I

The first space occupied by LoadingReadyRun, the first Moonbase consisted of a single room. One of the walls was painted to function as a green screen. The Moonbase allowed the crew to store their many costumes and props in one place and provide a place for meetings and LRRcasts. Desert Bus for Hope 2 was held in the Moonbase Mk I.

Moonbase Mk II

After the previous tenants trashed the place, the crew moved across the hall to the much larger second Moonbase. It comprised of two rooms consisting of a meeting and shooting area and an office. This Moonbase was the site of LoadingReadyRun's first permanent set, the ENN set. The largest interior wall was turned into a green screen. Desert Bus for Hope 3 was held in the Moonbase Mk II.

Moonbase Mk III

Since the building containing the first two Moonbases was slated to be demolished, the crew searched for a new Moonbase. The newest Moonbase is split across two levels. The first is shooting space (including a larger green screen and the transported ENN set, later the CheckPoint set) and prop storage. The second floor consists of a pair of offices and a meeting area plus a bathroom and break room. A fictitious account of moving to the third Moonbase is seen in The Arms Race. Desert Bus for Hope 4, 5, 6, and 7 were held in the Moonbase Mk III.

Moonbase Delta

In the Youtube Update for December 2015, Graham announced plans to move the Moonbase to a new office in January 2016. Similar to Moonbase Mk III, it is a space shared with another tenant. Unlike Mk III, Moonbase Delta is only one floor, and has a shared bathroom. There are separate rooms for streaming, costumes, and editing. The area in the main floor with couches is called the Friend Zone. The kitchen is named the Bill Watt Memorial Food Zone.

Moonbase Delta is the first Moonbase to not host a Desert Bus event.

The move to Moonbase Delta was partially sponsored by donations. Some of the donations were celebrated by inclusion on the Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall

Moonbase Mk V

In the Youtube Update for July 2017, Graham announced that they would be moving the Moonbase again to a as-of-yet undetermined location. LoadingReadyRun requested donations to help with moving expenses. The Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall will be transplanted to Mk.V, along with a new wall for those who helped with moving expenses.