LRR Draft: Theros' Best-Dressed

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Graham and Kathleen select the best-dressed cards in Theros and the results are better than you might expect.

Vital Statistics

Date: October 16, 2013

Category: Magic: The Gathering

Drafters: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere


Pick Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
1 Wingsteed Rider  Triton Tactics  Triton Tactics
2 Ordeal of Thassa Magma Jet Medomai the Ageless
3 Lagonna-Band Elder Feral Invocation Triton Fortune Hunter
4 Ephara’s Warden Setessan Battle Priest Magma Jet
5 Agent of Horizons Omenspeaker  Battlewise Hoplite
6 Staunch-Hearted Warrior Favored Hoplite  Nessian Coarser
7 Observant Alsied Chosen by Heliod  Wavecrash Triton
8 Leonin Snarecaster Portent of Betrayal  Gainsay
9 Ephara’s Warden Gods Willing  Agent of Horizons
10 Yoked Ox Fleetfeather Sandals Traveler’s Amulet
11 Fate Foretold Leonin Snarecaster  Lost in a Labyrinth
12 Arena Athlete Satyr Piper Stymied Hopes
13 Fade into Antiquity Glare of Heresy Boulderfall
14 Crackling Triton Satyr Rambler Commune with the Gods
15 Forest Island Forest
7 Plains
6 Island
4 Forest
1 Favored Hoplite
1 Gods Willing
2 Triton Tactics
1 Traveler’s Amulet
1 Chosen by Heliod
1 Leonin Snarecaster
1 Setessan Battle Priest
1 Fate Foretold
1 Omenspeaker
1 Ordeal of Thassa
1 Battlewise Hoplite
1 Lagonna-Band Elder
1 Observant Alseid
1 Triton Fortune Hunter
1 Wavecrash Triton
2 Agent of Horizons
1 Feral Invocation
1 Nessian Courser
1 Staunch-Hearted Warrior
1 Medomai the Ageless


Match 1

Game 1 Won

In Out
1 Lost in a Labyrinth 1 Setessan Battle Priest

Game 2 Lost

In Out
1 Fade into Antiquity 1 Lost in a Labyrinth

Game 3 Won

Match 2

Game 1 Won

No Sideboarding

Game 2 Lost

In Out
1 Stymied Hopes 1 Setessan Battle Priest

Game 3 Lost

Match 3

Game 1 Lost

In Out
1 Glare of Heresy 1 Stessan Battle Priest
1 Yoked Ox 1 Staunch-Hearted Warrior

Game 2 Won

No Sideboarding

Game 3 Won

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