LRRDraft - Ghastly Draft

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Graham and James brave the unreal format of Triple FRF, and things happen.

Vital Statistics

Date: February 11, 2015

Category: Magic: The Gathering

Drafters: Graham Stark, James Turner


Pick Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
1 Ghastly Conscription Grave Strength Orc Sureshot
2 Sultai Emissary Reality Shift Mistfire Adept
3 Qarsi High Priest Aven Surveyor  Rite of Undoing
4 Write into Being Reach of Shadows  Mindscour Dragon
5 Aven Surveyor Merciless Executioner  Lotus Path Djinn
6 Dark Deal Jeskai Sage Mindscour Dragon
7 Whisk Away Fascination  Marang River Prowler
8 Alesha’s Vanguard Refocus Write into Being
9 Sultai Skullkeeper  Hewed Stone Retainers  Gurmag Angler
10 Shifting Loyalties Will of the Naga  Enhanced Awareness
11 Grim Contest Sibsig Muckdraggers Archers of Qarsi
12 Sultai Skullkeeper Sultai Skullkeeper Lightning Shrieker
13 Formless Nurturing Defiant Ogre  Tranquil Cove
14 Goblin Boom Keg Sultai Runemark  Ethereal Ambush
15 Temur Runemark Defiant Ogre Temur Battle Rage
10 Island
7 Swamp
1 Qarsi High Priest
1 Reality Shift
1 Grave Strength
1 Jeskai Sage
3 Sultai Skullkeeper
1 Sultai Emissary
1 Whisk Away
2 Write into Being
1 Marang River Prowler
1 Merciless Executioner
1 Hewed Stone Retainers
1 Locus Path Djinn
1 Mistfire Adept
1 Orc Sureshot
1 Reach of Shadows
2 Aven Surveyor
2 Mindscour Dragon
1 Ghastly Conscription


Match 1

Game 1 Won

No Sideboarding

Game 2 Lost

In Out
1 Will of the Naga 1 Hewed Stone Retainers

Game 3 Lost

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